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If you want make a good first impression in a job interview, then you have to learn how to sell yourself and your services. Show enthusiasm for the job and you will get the interviewer excited about hiring you. Remember that if you don’t show some enthusiasm for your qualifications, then the interviewer won’t show any enthusiasm for hiring you. These interviewing tips will hep you make a strong first impression in your interview and give you a better chance at landing the job.

Be Professional At All Times

The most important part of trying to sell yourself to an interviewer is remaining professional at all times. That means from the moment you are greeted by the receptionist until you shake hands with the interviewer at the end of the interview, you are pleasant, courteous and professional. If you are easy to talk to at the interview, then that is a huge plus in your favor.

Look The Part

Not only should you act professional, you should look professional as well. When it comes to your interview apparel, you can make a positive or negative impression. To make a positive impression, you should dress in neutral colors, avoid flashy jewelry and also avoid perfume and cologne. Ensure that your outfit is clean, pressed and professional, and you’re sure to make a strong first impression.

Be Prepared

The only way the interviewer is going to take you seriously is if you show that you take the interview seriously. That means spending days, possibly a week or two, preparing answers to common questions and making sure that you know the company inside and out. The interviewer will have questions that they use to determine just how much you have prepared for the interview. If you want to sell the interviewer on your services, then show that you care about getting the job by being prepared.

Be Helpful

When you show up to your interview, be sure that you have plenty of copies of your resume and references on hand in case they are needed. You should also bring your own blank pad of paper and a pen to save the interviewer the hassle of trying to find materials for you. Be as helpful as you can through the interview process and you will be on your way to selling yourself to the interviewer.

Be Available

You should set aside several hours to do each interview because you can never be sure just how long an interview will go. If an interviewer likes you, then that interviewer may decide to have you speak with a departmental manager right then and there. If you want to sell yourself at the job interview, then you need to be ready to talk to anyone at any time.

Be Able to Admit What You Don’t Know

A piece of great advice to help you sell yourself to an interviewer is to give your answers in short and concise sentences. Along with keeping your answers brief, you should also be able to admit when you do not know the answer to a question. The interviewer would much rather hear you say that you would like the opportunity to get back to them with a good answer than hear you stumble over information you will make up. You should begin the process of preparing to make a good first impression at a job interview before you even enter the building. If you prepare with answers to common interview questions for your industry, strong examples from your past professional experience, and a great attitude, you’ll be ready to impress your hiring manager before you meet them.

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