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Even if you’re not applying for a position in IT or web development, there are a few technical skills and software proficiencies that will help you gain points with almost any employer. A few of the most popular skills are listed below, and in some cases, employers don’t even realize how much they want these skills until they seem them listed on a candidate’s resume.

Advanced Photoshop

This is a skill many employers don’t actively add to their job postings. It may not occur to them that Photoshop expertise can support success for an account manager or a customer service pro or a marketing analyst. However, when they see it, they like it. Photo preparation and document layout are useful the same way Excel and Word are useful employees may not use them every day, but when the need arises, it’s great to turn to someone on the team instead of trying to outsource this task.


Blogging and basic website maintenance are critical skills for most business owners as they work to establish an online foothold. Often this task is shifted to social media marketing companies and outside consultants. So if you can help your employers accomplish this in-house, you’ll see dollar signs in their eyes.


Adding content to a website and updating a blog are one thing, but if you can actually create code or build a website from the ground up, you’ll multiply your value to your potential employers. Even if you rarely use this skill, wise hiring managers will want you onboard.


Powerpoint is a skill that often comes in handy for bosses of a different generation. When you need to make presentations on a regular basis, but you don’t have the time or the native tech skill to generate them yourself, nothing feels better than turning to a Powerpoint-savvy employee on the team and asking him or her to spend a few minutes putting something together. If you can offer this kind of support, employers will thank you. Don’t forget to include these tech skills in your resume. Use our Resume Builder to put together the document that is sure to get you hired.

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