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A good job hunter puts together as many helpful tools as possible that will enhance their search for the perfect job. The two most important tools a job hunter will use are the resume and cover letter. People usually have their own perceptions of how a good resume should look, but the only real opinions that matter are the opinions of the hiring managers. In order to create an effective resume, you need to see strong resume examples and build yours similarly. That’s where a resume builder comes in.

Include the Right Information

A resume builder (like the one here at ResumeHelp) does more than just show you how to lay out your information to make it easier to read. A good resume builder will also provide many resume examples and templates you can use. Starting with a solid resume template helps you fill in and format the right information. If you want to get hired quickly, then follow the advice that resume builders give. Stick to standard formatting as shown on resume templates. Plus, if you’re building a resume with little experience, looking at resume examples can help you think of more information to include.

Make Your Information Easy to Scan

The best resume examples you’ll find on the web are those that are easy to absorb quickly. Before a hiring manager reads your complete resume, they will scan it to find pertinent information. A quick glance–only seconds long–could determine whether or not you get the interview. A resume builder will show you exactly how to place your information so that your resume is easy to scan and so that the right information stands out for hiring managers.

Give the Hiring Manager a Familiar Format

If you are working in a creative field, then a certain amount of creativity with your resume is a good thing. But if you are applying for a job that requires a certain level of decorum, then your resume needs to show that you understand the tone of the organization and want to work within it. Hiring managers within certain fields, such as accounting and engineering, are used to seeing resume formats that are easy to scan and read. When you use a resume builder, you will have access to these formats which will help you to develop a resume that is both familiar and interesting to the hiring manager.

Find Resume Examples That Show How to Use Font Effects Properly

Contrary to popular belief, there is a time and place on a professional resume for italics and bold print. The problem is that too many job hunters over-emphasize font effects and take the emphasis away from their qualifications. A good resume builder will show you how to properly use font effects to get the kind of resume that will stand out to hiring managers, but not become difficult to read. The technique you use to create your resume is just as important as the content and a resume builder can help you to develop the proper technique.

Applying and interviewing for jobs is a challenging process, but having a strong resume is the first step—and creating one doesn’t have to be difficult. Leveraging resume examples and templates can show you exactly how to create the ideal resume for your field.

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