Career Blog > 4 Ways to Keep Your Job Search on Track

Updated : 03/16/2022

Almost every complex project tends to bring better results when you start with a plan. The job search is no exception; job seekers tend to have better luck when their searches don’t depend on luck at all. Keep these tips in mind at the beginning of your search and on the day of your first tough setback (and your second and third).

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1. Know the Job You’re Looking for Is Out There Somewhere

Your future office, your chair, your desk, and your coworkers are out there in the world already. You just have to find them. To do this, it helps to know as much about them as possible so you’ll recognize them when you see them. Picture them in your mind. In as much detail as possible, try to envision the culture of your workplace, its geographic location, and the exact nature of your role.

2. Tailor Your Resume to Fit Your Vision

If you know what kind of culture you’re looking for and what kind of employer you need, tailor your resume and cover letter to fit this corporate culture and this specific type of company. This will help you attract the right matches and avoid the wrong ones.

3. Take Rejection in the Right Spirit

This doesn’t mean taking every no for an answer. If you think your rejection may have been based on incomplete or missing information, follow up. Ask politely (just one time) for the rationale behind the decision, and ask what you have could have done to produce a different outcome. When a no is truly final, move on. Don’t take either form of rejection personally.

4. Don’t Give Up, Just Pivot

If your approach isn’t working, change your approach. If your goals aren’t realistic, change your goals. If you’re moving in the wrong direction, change direction. If the object of your search isn’t coming to you, find another way to go to it, or change the object of your search. No matter what, stay flexible, and stay in motion. With these tips in mind, you can use our Resume Builder with helpful guidelines as you move forward in your job search.