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Updated : 02/17/2022

Looking to get your foot in the door? If you need help with your Quality Assurance Specialist cover letter you will find this article to be very helpful. Use our sample letter below as a guide in creating your own cover letters, and be sure to customize it for each job you’re applying for with your personal information.

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1. What is a Product Quality Assurance Specialist?

A quality assurance specialist is a person with a job role responsible for inspecting, monitoring and applying measurements to correct or improve a company’s final product. The main idea is that this person is in charge of making sure the product meets the established quality standards.

2. How to Write a Quality Assurance Specialist Cover Letter?

Do some research on the company and the role you are applying for. Make sure you include keywords from the job opening in the letter and mix them with your own experience. Talk about your previous experience in this field and your goals if offered the position. After doing this feel free to use our Quality Assurance Cover Letter sample as a guide to create your own, and be sure to customize your letter with your own information and ideas mentioned above.

3. Quality Assurance Specialist Cover Letter Example

Brian Sellers 100 Broadway Lane New Parkland, CA 91010 Cell: (555) 987-1234 Email:   Dear Mr. Mitchell,   I would like to apply for the Quality Assurance Specialist position with Standard Industries. I am a professional with over 15 years of manufacturing experience.   In my current position as Quality Assurance Specialist with Point Textiles, I oversee the quality levels of the plant’s multi-million dollar operations. My attention to detail is excellent, and I am incredibly organized. In addition, I possess strong interpersonal and communication skills, allowing me to ensure that protocol is followed and instructions are understood.   I have a strong track record of excellence in quality control. Past supervisors have complimented me on my overall management and quality oversight skills. It would be my pleasure to bring my professional experience to Standard Industries as your new Quality Assurance Specialist.   I am confident you will find my skills and expertise an asset to your company. Please contact me at your convenience to schedule an interview in order to further discuss my qualifications. I look forward to speaking with you in person and thank you for your consideration.   Best, Brian Sellers

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