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You have been putting off the task for long enough: It is time to sit down and start working on that resume with no more procrastination! It is time to get serious and make this thing happen and, by the end of today, this project will be well underway. Let us begin by making the resume writing process as effective and as easy as possible by following these four simple steps.

1. Clear a space.

A calm, uncluttered workspace is essential. This does not mean you should distract yourself by beginning a marathon clean-up of the entire house. Just clear your desktop or kitchen table to make a place for your computer, phone, a pad for note taking, and natural light and fresh air to create a productive workspace.

2. Schedule time.

Treat your job search like it is your job. This may be a full time job or a part time position and it may require a 40 hour week or two hours every Saturday. You may need to conduct some of your work while commuting, eating lunch, or participating in a conference call for your current employer. No matter which hours you choose, know which ones they will be ahead of time and keep them consistent. Place them into your schedule and stick to it.

3. Ask for quiet.

If you are looking for work while at home, arrange pet and childcare ahead of time so your scheduled hours can take place in a state of quiet and concentration. Do not use clamoring children, pets, neighbors, or spouses as an excuse to get up from your chair before you have done what you need to do.

4. Celebrate effort, not just results.

It does not matter if you don’t have a job offer by the end of the day. What does matter is the effort you have put towards this goal. Did you submit five resumes today? Great! Did you schedule two informational interviews? Did you reach out to at least one professional contact? Did you spend at least 30 minutes editing your cover letter? That’s a victory. Use the feeling of accomplishment to keep yourself motivated until you are finally off the market. Now that you know the ideal environment and scheduling necessary for successful resume writing process, utilize the resources at our resume builder to perfect the technical aspects.

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