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Each week we receive loads of questions from new graduates and entry-level job seekers. Here is a sampling of some of the most frequently asked questions about how to create a student resume that will get results.

Q: My GPA is not so great. Can I leave it off my resume while I look for work?

A: If it’s less than a 2.5, you can and you should. But expect to be asked about your grades during phone screenings and interviews, and have an answer prepared that turns the focus back onto your other credentials.

Q:Employers are cross-examining me like I’m doing something wrong by applying for a job with them. How do I respond to this?

A: If you have any exaggerations in your resume (even innocent ones that can’t be proven true or false), take them out immediately. Employers can spot these a mile away. Once your resume and your conscience are clean, move forward with confidence. If an employer rudely baits or cross examines you, reconsider that specific job/company.

Q: I got my degree from an online college that isn’t accredited and may have been a scam. Headaches and debt aside, I think employers actually think less of me with this degree on my resume than they would if I didn’t have it. What should I do?

A: Take it off. I’m sorry this happened to you, and this episode may have been an expensive lesson in the school of life. But don’t make a bad decision worse. Just omit this blunder from your resume and start over. It’s important to remember that your schooling is only a small portion of your life and learning. Regardless of the grades you earned, your experience with the last person who interviewed you, or the hard lessons you learned about trust, you must approach your job search with your eyes on the future. When assembling your resume, focus on your interests and identify the competencies that align with them. That way, you can approach employers with confidence and enthusiasm for the work two things that every employer looks for when hiring. Understanding yourself what you enjoy and what you’re good at makes the job of crafting a resume much easier. Resume Builder can help by providing the tools to let employers see the person behind the paper.

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