Updated : 08/03/2022

When you apply for an open position and land an offer, your resume isn’t the one being hired; you are. Employers are impressed and inspired by your experience and your abilities, not simply by your resume and cover letter alone. It’s safe to say, though, that without the help of a stand-out resume, employers may never give your background a closer look, and your candidacy may never be noticed at all. Here are some ways a great resume brings attention to the product you’re trying to sell: yourself!

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1. Your Resume Shows That You Have a Sense of Professionalism and Style

Your words will attract plenty of positive attention, but the visual appeal of your document makes a strong first impression. You know that success lies in style as well as substance, and you pay attention to the details of marketing, presentation, balance, and symmetry.

2. Your Resume Shows That You’re Serious About What You Do

With one glance, before they take a closer look at the details, employers can tell that you’ve dedicated serious time to this profession and you’ve worked your way up a long and winding road to get where you are today.

3. Your Resume Shows That You’re Serious About This Specific Job

Your summary and your carefully tailored cover letter send a clear message to your reader: You want this job, and you’re pretty sure this position aligns perfectly with your skills and your future career plans. You’d like to hear more, and you’re ready to start opening communication channels and building a relationship.

4. Your Resume Shows That You’re Professional and Articulate

Regardless of your other jobs skills, your resume makes one thing clear: You know how to write. You have a strong command of the language, which suggests that you’re an intelligent person with a focused and organized mind. Your resume forms a crucial first impression in the minds of hiring managers. Let Resume Builder help you create a great resume that will get you noticed and keep you on the shortlist of applicants.

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