Administrative assistants are expected to be thorough, reliable and competent in their work. Each piece of correspondence an administrative assistant creates is a representation of the company and, therefore, needs to be flawless. This need for perfection is exactly why your cover letter needs for administrative assistant jobs should represent your best work. Your cover letter is the first piece of work a company will see you do, so it needs to demonstrate how you will perform on the job.

Use a Professional Format

You’ll notice that most cover letter examples for positions like this are in a clean, professional format, much like the documents you’ll create on the job. As an administrative assistant, you are expected to be able to present information in a wide variety of professional formats. Your cover letter should be presented in a format that is professional and easy to read. Every administrative assistant has a resource for the information they need on a daily basis, which is why you should use the cover letter resources at ResumeHelp to create the perfect and professional cover letter.

Every Sentence Needs to Be Interesting

The hiring manager is looking for certain types of information in your cover letter for administrative assistant jobs, and you need to deliver that information in an engaging and interesting manner. From your opening sentence where you introduce yourself to the closing sentence where you tell the hiring manager that you look forward to a personal interview, each statement you make needs to be engaging and interesting.

Avoid Complicated Words

Most people do not realize how well a cover letter is written until they are done reading it. That is because the good cover letters utilize simple words to get their points across. Avoid trying to sound more professional by using complicated words when simple language can do the trick. A good administrative assistant understands the importance of economy of language and your cover letter needs to put that understanding on display.

Use Very Short Sentence Structures

Good business correspondence is short and to the point, and you want your  cover letter for administrative assistant jobs to be a very good piece of business correspondence. Use short sentences to covey your message to make your cover letter easy to read and, if necessary, easy to browse through as well. The more concise your sentences are, the easier it will be for your audience to absorb the information you are presenting.

Include Your Accomplishments

Always include professional accolades and accomplishments on your administrative assistant cover letter that are not included in your resume. You want your cover letter to offer information that the hiring manager cannot get anywhere else and that is why you put this sort of information in your cover letter. Professional accolades and accomplishments do help to catch the attention of the hiring managers reading your resume and they can also make good topics of conversation at your interview. Be sure to include your very best accomplishments and the highest accolades of your career in your cover letter.

Because you will likely be drafting a great deal of professional correspondence on the job itself, it’s important to ensure that your cover letter for administrative assistant positions demonstrates your skills. These tips will help you craft one that showcases your skills and demonstrates why you’re good for the position.

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