Preparing for job interviews is hard work and requires a significant amount of research. Part of preparing for interviews is looking up the most common job interview questions and then developing answers that will impress the hiring managers. The first thing that will impress the hiring managers is that you took the time to prepare properly for your interview, and the second impressive thing will be the content of your answers. As you prepare for your interviews, there are three job interview questions that you must be prepared for as they will be asked at every interview you have.

Why Should We Hire You?

It is extremely important to remember that these questions that ask about you are not designed to allow you to brag about yourself. A good interview consists of approximately 25 percent discussing your positive attributes and 75 percent explaining how you benefit the company. When you answer this common interview question, your answer should not start with “Because I have . . .” or some similar statement. Your answer should start with a variation of “Because I can offer your company . . .” and then followed by a quick explanation of the skills you possess that are of value to the company.

Where Do You See Yourself in Five Years?

You can consider every interview question a “loaded question,” and this one is no different. The temptation here is to talk about your career aspirations and even include some of your personal goals as well. The interviewer is not interested in your desire to visit Europe in the next five years. However, the interviewer is interested in how you plan to grow with the company and help the company in five years. This is another question that requires you to point out the benefits you offer to the company. By the time you reach your five-year point, the company would have invested a lot of money in your training and development. The interviewer wants to know whether or not that investment will be well spent.

What Did You Not Like About Your Last Position?

Interviewers like to throw out traps to see if anyone falls for them. This is a trap and you cannot fall for it if you want to get the job. The interviewer is not asking you to bad mouth your last employer. The interviewer wants to hear how you feel you could have done your job better and what tools you would have liked to have had to advance your career. One of the big reasons that interviewers ask this question is to see if you are up-to-date on the latest tools of the trade and if you have the ability to critique your own job without blaming someone else for any issues that may have occurred. You need to focus only on what you did for your job and what you would have liked to have been able to accomplish if you had been given the proper tools. You’re likely to encounter these three job interview questions in almost any interview you encounter, no matter what industry you aspire to work in. Practice answering these questions in front of a mirror or with a friend to ensure that your answers and delivery are strong in your next interview.

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