There’s nothing wrong with researching a company or an organization and then submitting an application for a job that doesn’t necessarily exist yet. Every day, countless job seekers refuse to limit their options to the published posts they find for clearly defined positions. These job seekers instead create their own jobs and then pitch their idea and skillsets to employers in a form of resume cold calling. But you don’t have to deliver a completely unexpected resume in order to apply for a position that doesn’t exist. Try these moves and you’ll come off as the bold, enterprising, and fearless person you are.

Don’t Be Deterred by the Odds

If you found a job post on a well-known website with global reach, you may be competing with hundreds of other applicants. It’s true that some of these people may have more education and more years of experience than you have, but you probably have a few qualities they don’t, and you may have done a few things they haven’t even attempted. You just need to identify those things and place them at the center of your resume and cover letter.

Share What You Want to Do the Most, Even if This Information Hasn’t Been Requested

If you really want exposure to a specific opportunity, or you want to tackle a certain responsibility or work with a big name in your field, go ahead and share this. Sometimes the things you want say the most about you, and that’s especially true if your desires aren’t shared by everyone in the applicant pool.

Treat Your Cover Letter as a Sales Opportunity

Put yourself in your readers shoes (a little company research can help) and imagine yourself as a salesperson making a call on a critical potential client. Exercise your insight and your ability to connect what this person wants with what you have to offer, then build the details of your pitch around those items. While you’re creating that pitch, be sure to put our our resume builder tool to good use.

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