If you are a serious job hunter, then you are already preparing to attend all of the job fairs that are coming up in your area. Here’s a rule to use when determining which events to attend: go to every job fair that is within the radius you are willing to take on as your work commute. The way you prepare for professional events can help you make the most of your career fair experience and determine whether or not you land interviews when the fairs are over. This career fair advice will help you maximize your presence at each event and land the job you want.

Have Professional Attire Ready

The majority of job fairs happen between March and September and they can often be scheduled back-to-back. You may even have to find a way to attend one or more job fairs on the same day. That means that you need to have professional attire ready for each event.

Do not rely on the same attire for each event — you can never be sure if your professional attire will be cleaned and pressed in time to go to back to back events. You should also bring extra clothing items with you on the days that you are going to more than one job fair just in case you need the change of clothing.

Research the Companies and What They Are Hiring For

Some job fairs will publish a list of companies that will be at the fair and some companies will not. If you can find out which companies will be a the job fairs, then research the companies to see what positions they are hiring for. This will give you the advance information you need to prepare your resumes and cover letters, which in itself can be great career fair advice because it helps you determine what each employer wants and who to talk to first.

Have Customized Resumes and Cover Letters for Each Employer

Use the resources at ResumeHelp to create a professional resume that will appeal to any hiring manager. Additionally, customize your resume package for the employers who will be at the career event. If in your research you find that one of the companies is looking for a person with your specialty, then put together a resume and cover letter package that highlights that specialty. The more you can personalize your job fair information, then more attention your information will get.

Write and Practice Your Elevator Speech

In the business world, an elevator speech is a two or three sentence introduction that is intended to raise interest in your qualifications. When you go to a job fair, your elevator speech is what you will say to the company representatives when they ask about your qualifications. Your elevator speech needs to include the most impressive information about you that you can offer and it needs to get to the point right away.

This career fair advice can go a long way toward helping you make the most of each event you attend so that you have a better chance of connecting with the right employer and landing the job you want. Always prepare for each career fair experience and be ready to impress the hiring managers there. If you do, you will be able to go to the career fairs with confidence and get the opportunities that you deserve.

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