You may not need to go to go to great lengths to set your resume apart in a crowded applicant pool. Sometimes just a few simple tweaks can be enough to get the job done and attract the attention you need to land an interview. If you haven’t considered any of these small pointers for how to create the best resume to get a hiring manager’s attention, try them before you pursue the next opportunity.

A Little Color

Sometimes a splash of color can attract the eye, even for a fleeting second. When you attract the eye, the mind follows. Be careful, though, and don’t go overboard. Choose colors that add just enough contrast without being gimmicky, and use them conservatively. For example, you could put your name and contact info in forest green or add a border in navy blue.

An Unexpected Turn of Phrase

Resumes usually include the same basic professional tone and the same business clichés, repeated over and over by candidates who all believe they’re writing in an original way. Break out of this mold. Try another way of saying that you’re a hard-working go-getter or a success-driven industry expert.

A Solution to an Industry Problem

You know your industry isn’t perfect, and your managers know it, too. You have two choices on how to approach this truth: 1) paint on a smile, toe the line, sing the chant, and jump through hoops like everyone else in the pool, or 2) tell it how it is. Mention that almost all companies, managers, employees, customers, or vendors in this industry struggle with a specific problem. Explain that you have a philosophy or solution that addresses the issue, and then share it.

A Distinct Formatting Decision

Don’t go too far with this one, since your resume may be automatically uploaded and you don’t want to confuse the system. However, if you feel like organizing your subheadings in your own way, leaving out one or two standard sections, or adding one of your own, feel free to experiment. Make sure it still looks well organized, is easily readable, and has all the necessary information. Building an impressive resume isn’t rocket science. If the content of your resume is strong, sometimes all it takes to make it stand out from the pile is a professional and eye-catching appearance. These simple tips will help you learn how to create the best resume to get the attention of potential employers when you submit.

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