When it comes to resume formatting and content, some decisions are better than others. However, there are some moves that almost all managers and reviewers appreciate. At the same time, there are some that almost always bring a negative reaction, regardless of the circumstances. Here are a few qualities that modern, savvy hiring managers rarely like to see in a candidate’s resume.

1. Outdated Moves

By outdated, we mean way, way outdated. As in, moves that were universally left behind decades ago. Never type your resume on a typewriter, for example. Never start your cover letter with the words Dear Sir. Also, don’t end your message by saying, references available upon request. While you’re at it, make sure your email address appears in your contact information, and if you don’t have one, get one.

2. Jokes

Formal resumes aren’t a great place for comedy. Too many candidates (often younger job seekers) slip lighthearted remarks into their message and tone, assuming these remarks will be received in the intended spirit. ( Why should you hire me? Because I’m da best!!!! Haha lol. ) They won’t. Keep your language and tone formal and free of irony, raillery, sarcasm, deadpan humor, and comic references.

3. Inconsistent Subjects, Objects, and Verbs

As you edit, look closely for subject, verb, and object alignment. These are glaring grammatical errors that your spellcheck won’t catch. Watch your plurals. Correct: All users carry their own bags. Correct: Each user carries his or her own bag. Incorrect: Each user carries their own bag. Need another example? Correct: All managers have their own styles. Correct: Every manager has his or her own style. Incorrect: Every manager has their own styles. If you have doubts about your editing and writing decisions, turn to at our site for help and guidance. There you can put together a document that is free from these types of mistakes.

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