Despite an endless supply of myths, rumors, and speculation, there are several things that probably WON’T befall your resume after you attach it to your cover letter and submit it to potential hiring managers. If you’re anticipating any of these resume myths, relax.

It Will Be Laughed At

It won’t. No responsible reviewer or hiring manager will make fun of your resume. Even if you’re wildly under-qualified for the job, and even if your resume is riddled with typos (which it isn’t), managers will respect your interest in the company and the effort you put into your application. They may not be able to tell you this personally, but it’s still true.

Mangers Will Toss It After Reading the First Line

Not exactly. However, if the first line of your resume is truly terrible, some managers may put it aside and move on to the next one in the stack, expecting to come back to your resume later to give it a more thorough read. They may not get back to it as planned, but they definitely won’t sigh with disgust and hurl your offering into the trash.

Managers Will Race to the Phone and Do Whatever It Takes to Hire You

Even if you’re a known entity in a specific industry, this is unlikely to happen. In practice, in most cases, the reviewer has never heard of you. Besides, just because a candidate attended a better school and has a few more achievements than other applicants doesn’t mean he or she will automatically get the job. In a close competition, most managers value compatibility with company culture over a straight list of dazzling skills and credentials. The interview is where you’ll win the job.

Managers Will Make Their Final Decision Based on Your Resume Alone

The closer you get to the winner’s circle, the greater the chance that managers will move past your resume and start reviewing your portfolio and searching for more information about you online. To get that far, you’ll need a solid, professional resume to keep you in the race. Use Resume Builder to create the kind of resume that will give the best shot at winning.

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