Resume & Letter Samples for Hot Jobs

Letters remain a critical aspect of the job-seeking process. Inquiry letters are utilized to learn information about a company or opening. Many are written cold, but often you might be invited to write one by a contact or mentor. Cover letters introduce readers to resumes, explaining interest in an advertised opening, illuminating experiences and skills, and closing with a request to meet with a hiring manager for an interview.

It’s not unusual for a cover letter to serve as an inquiry, asking organizations to keep a candidate in mind if something should open up. Thank you letters are important tools for networking. They are written to show appreciation for a job interview. They are also used to stay in touch with contacts met in venues like job fairs and schools. Thank you letters are a great way to cultivate a business relationship. These letters should be formal but conversational, making it easy for readers to identify your intent.

Use our sample letters to see the many ways to design a great letter for job seeking.

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