Considering a Bus Driver job? The overview below is designed to tell you more about the field, including the types of jobs available, skills required, typical salary range, and current industry trends.

Bus drivers are tasked with an enormous responsibility: safely transporting groups of people to and from their destinations along a predetermined route. Bus drivers must be able to operate safely in all kinds of driving conditions and respond appropriately to situations as they arise. With that responsibility comes the stability of a long term career and the enjoyment of being behind the wheel.

Bus Driver Overview

As a bus driver, you will have a steady schedule and a designated route. Your job will be to safely transport your customers to specific bus stops along your route. In addition to driving, your job duties will include:

  • Adhering to a schedule
  • Practicing defensive driving and avoiding accidents
  • Ensuring passengers are following safety protocols at all times
  • Taking fares or verifying tickets
  • Inspecting the bus for overall working condition and reporting any issues to the maintenance crew

Bus Driver Salary and Outlook

Bus drivers usually work for school districts or private companies and can expect an average hourly pay of $14.21 per hour. The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that bus driving jobs are growing as fast as the national average, at about nine percent. A high school diploma is usually the minimum education requirement.

Bus drivers get to see the sites while earning money and driving a “big rig,” which can be a great appeal to those who love spending time behind the wheel. Driving jobs are fairly stable, so choosing to be a bus driver can lead to a long term, steady career.

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