Considering a Business Analyst job? The overview below is designed to tell you more about the field, including the types of jobs available, skills required, typical salary range, and current industry trends.

The business analyst has an analytical mind. He or she often questions the facts presented to them and tries to dig a little deeper to get to the real truth. Details do not escape the business analyst; their livelihood depends on the ability to see the facts and uncover minor details that make a big difference in the success of a business. For analytical types, it is easy to see why these are among the most popular jobs.

Business Analyst Overview

As a business analyst, it is your job to oversee the daily operations of the business and make improvements in systems and processes. The ability to spot weaknesses and apply creative thinking to enact change are essential for this job. Some of your duties might include:

  • Implementing business operating policies
  • Tracking and documenting changes and effects of policies
  • Analyzing outcomes to create statistics and reports
  • Working with team members and management to improve processes

Business Analyst Salary and Outlook

Business analysts made a cool $78,600 on average in 2012, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This, coupled with a faster than average job growth of 19 percent, are just two of the many reasons why business analysts jobs are increasingly popular.

Business analysts have a great responsibility to their company. Without their critical thinking and problem solving abilities, many businesses would not see their full potential. Being a vital part of the team in a field with strong growth make this a very popular job, indeed.

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