Considering a Copywriter job? The overview below is designed to tell you more about the field, including the types of jobs available, skills required, typical salary range, and current industry trends.

Copywriter Overview

A copywriter is someone who brings ideas to life through written copy for websites, marketing pieces, sales letters and technical manuals. The copywriter position is one of the more creative positions in the corporate world, which is why it tends to be so appealing to people. It can take years to develop the skills of a successful copywriter, but the experience of working with so many other people makes the pursuit of experience worth it.

Benefits Of Working In The Copywriter Field

Along with having the freedom to be creative, a copywriter also has the opportunity to work with a broad range of people. Copywriters take in knowledge from many other parts of the company and use that knowledge to expand their careers. Being a copywriter can be extremely exciting if you enjoy learning new information on a regular basis.

Salary Expectations

The salary range for a copywriter runs from $30,000 to $66,000 per year. In many cases, technical copywriters with several years of experience tend to make the higher end of the range. Many copywriters enhance their incomes by publishing books and magazine articles as well, which is not included as part of this salary range.

Recent Trends

One field for copywriters that has seen a significant amount of growth is Internet copywriter. Google has changed the criteria for good Internet content and has caused a significant number of websites to have to change their content completely. Use ResumeHelp to create your copywriter resume and take advantage of the growing need for writing professionals.

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