Considering a Home Health Aide job? The overview below is designed to tell you more about the field, including the types of jobs available, skills required, typical salary range, and current industry trends.

A home health aide is often the primary contact with a homebound patient. Without their help, patients would not be able to convalesce or thrive in the comfort of their own home, making other less desirable options necessary, such as moving to a care facility. Home health aides are caring, compassionate individuals who love to help and care for others.

Home Health Aide Overview

As a home health aide, you will be directly responsible for ensuring your patient’s comfort and happiness. You will spend most of your time on shift at your patient’s home, helping them in a variety of ways and performing these duties:

  • Ensuring proper hygiene needs are met
  • Planning and preparing meals
  • Shopping and running errands
  • Providing companionship and some emotional support
  • Assisting with bathing, dressing and other personal care
  • Noting changes and making reports to the supervisor

Home Health Aide Salary and Outlook

Home health aide jobs are experiencing great growth with 424,200 new positions—a 48 percent increase—projected by the year 2022. Home health aides require short term training on the job and often no formal education. The average salary is $20,820 per year, or $10.01 per hour.

Home health aides are a godsend to patients who are facing tough choices about their future health and comfort. They offer an effective alternative to moving into a care facility by ensuring their patients’ needs are met at home, the most comfortable place for a patient to be.

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