Considering a Human Resources Manager job? The overview below is designed to tell you more about the field, including the types of jobs available, skills required, typical salary range, and current industry trends.

Human Resources Manager Overview

A human resources manager is an administrator in charge of each aspect of a company's human resources department. The human resources manager needs to be proficient in benefits, employee administration and government compliance. The human resources manager also oversees the various aspects of recruiting and works with company department managers to determine what sorts of employees the company will need for future expansion.

Benefits Of Working In The Human Resources Manager Field

A human resources manager is constantly keeping up with the changes within their company and the changes to government compliance laws. A human resources manager is also constantly working on efficient yet effective ways to recruit the types of employment candidates that the company needs to maintain current staff levels and will need to staff future endeavors.

Salary Expectations

A human resources manager is an experienced professional who commands a salary between $67,000 and $116,000 per year. The differences in pay often come from you years of experience and the size of the company you will be managing. An experienced human resources manager working for a company with several thousand employees will make the high end of the income spectrum.

Recent Trends

Unemployment is dropping, which means that the human resources manager position is becoming extremely important. Now is the time to utilize ResumeHelp to put together the perfect representation of your skills as a human resources manager and get the job that you have always wanted.

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