Considering a Nanny job? The overview below is designed to tell you more about the field, including the types of jobs available, skills required, typical salary range, and current industry trends.

A nanny is a trained provider of in-home child care. Hired by parents, they provide a personalized and customized experience for any children in the home. Depending on salary ranges vs. number of children in the home and alternative day care options, it can actually be more affordable to have a nanny. 

One great advantage of the nanny is the one-on-one care they offer a family, working closely with children and meeting emotional, physical, intellectual and social needs. And having all this done in the comfort of the family's home can be beneficial to the children and can bring peace of mind to the parents.

Salary ranges for a nanny can vary significantly. There are live-in and live-out opportunities. There are also different schedules and responsibilities. An experienced and trained nanny will certainly earn more than one that doesn't have a driver's license, or has never taken any child behavior or related course work. The International Nanny Association generates annual salary and benefit surveys that can be helpful in determining what a nanny makes based on everything from educational background to the location of employment.

If you do choose to become a nanny, get all the appropriate training you can. A degree in a related field, such as education, child behavior or psychology, will be helpful. Nannies should be ready to adapt to the family morals and values of their employers, regardless of their own beliefs. Many nannies find work through third-party agencies. These organizations screen thoroughly, helping you match your skills with the right family.

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