Considering a Police Officer job? The overview below is designed to tell you more about the field, including the types of jobs available, skills required, typical salary range, and current industry trends.

With a mission to protect and serve, police officers are one of the most essential components of a peaceful society. They keep us safe, look out for our interests and put their lives on the line, each and every day they go to work. The world would be a much different place without them. The responsibility and honor of being a police officer make this a popular job.

Police Officer Overview

In the line of duty as a police officer, you will work every day to detain criminals, prevent crime and compassionately help victims. You will encounter a variety of people and, in the course of your day, perform the following duties:
  • Patrolling a designated area, watching for crime or other concerns
  • Assisting citizens with questions and concerns and looking for ways to help while on patrol
  • Investigating complaints and responding to the scene of emergency calls
  • While on scene, assessing the situation for hazards and dangers and responding appropriately
  • Detaining suspects, sometimes using force
  • Filing reports about events and cases

Police Officer Salary and Outlook

While police officer jobs are experiencing slower than average growth, there are still 41,400 new jobs expected to be added by 2022. With a high school diploma and specialized on-the-job training, police officers can expect to make an average of $27.40 per hour, which works out to $56,980 per year.

If you were the type to stand up to bullies and protect the weak, your calling might be to be a police officer. Heroes and protectors, police officers make every day safety a reality, a reality most are grateful for.

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