Considering a Ultrasound Technician job? The overview below is designed to tell you more about the field, including the types of jobs available, skills required, typical salary range, and current industry trends.

Ultrasound technicians work closely with patients to perform in-depth analyses of the inner workings of the human body. This challenging and rewarding job is filled with new people and new images every day. One of the main challenges is the inability to make diagnoses, so when a problem is on the screen, the ultrasound technician must have the ability to keep a poker face and allow a doctor to speak with the patient.


In addition to screenings and health checks, ultrasound technicians often work with expectant mothers to check for fetal development and growth rates. This can be a rewarding, enjoyable job. Whether searching for health issues or looking at normal development, your duties will likely include:

  • Greeting patients and preparing them for the procedure
  • Examining equipment and software to ensure everything is functioning properly
  • Assisting patients to help them get in the right position for the procedure
  • Running a series of predetermined imaging tests to give ordering doctors an accurate view of the body part in question
  • Working closely with a patient’s doctor to achieve the best results for the imaging
  • Preparing reports and relaying them to the appropriate physician or team

Salary and Outlook

The digital imaging field is experiencing great growth, at 39 percent, which is much faster than the national job average. Ultrasound technicians earn an average wage of $29.02 per hour, or $60,350 annually, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Ultrasound technicians enjoy the best of both worlds: working with people and technology to help patients achieve better health, mobility and wellbeing. If you are looking for a rewarding, stable job with ample growth, consider looking into being an ultrasound technician.

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