A combination resume is a hybrid, taking advantage of the best elements of the functional and chronological formats. The functional resume highlights skill - a good choice for candidates with sub-par work histories, and students/recent graduates without extensive experience. The chronological focuses on work experience - the most common format used by candidates with an impressive employment history. A combination resume, meanwhile, shows hiring managers all-important hard and soft skills, training, projects and other position-related qualifications, and offers an employment timeline.

The combination resume is perfect for candidates with gaps and job-hopping throughout their work history. But it is also an exceptional tool for those looking to change careers as it allows them to emphasize their transferable skills. More mature and experienced candidates may use it to sell their credentials without revealing their age. It's also an excellent tool for the candidate reentering the job market after an absence. With the combination resume, you catch the eye with your strongest traits first, enticing hiring managers to carefully review the rest of the resume.

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