Connecticut State Resources

Connecticut At a Glance

Connecticut is the 29th most populous state in the United States with 3,596,677 people, according to 2014 estimates. Just over 1.1% of the people in the U.S. call Connecticut home. With a median income of over $103,000, Connecticut is one of America’s more prosperous states. The minimum wage in Connecticut is $9.15, also one of the nation’s highest.

Located in the American Northeast, Connecticut is bordered by Massachusetts to the North, Rhode Island to the East, and New York to the West. The capital of Connecticut is Hartford, though the largest city in the state is Bridgeport.

Connecticut Jobs & Economy

According to the Department of Labor, actuaries are the most disproportionately represented occupation in Connecticut. Other popular occupations in the state include aircraft structure, surfaces, rigging and systems assemblers and watch repairers.

Connecticut Unemployment Rate

As of January 2015, the unemployment rate in Connnecticut is at 6.4%, a bit higher than the national average of 5.6%.
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