South Carolina Education Resources

Education in South Carolina

The state of South Carolina is home to 330 public high schools and 165 private high schools for a total of 495 schools. The state is nationally ranked 25th for its high school enrollment and it is ranked 33rd in the country for student to teacher ratio. South Carolina’s graduation rate is below the national average at 75 percent, but its dropout rate of only 2.5 percent is well below the national average.

Advanced Degrees in South Carolina

The list of colleges and universities in South Carolina is long and contains some impressive institutions such as Columbia College, South Carolina State University, the University of South Carolina, Winthrop University, Morris College and Newberry College. Nearly 25 percent of South Carolina residents have earned some form of college degree with the popular fields of study in South Carolina being:

– Agriculture
– Medicine
– Education
– Pharmacy
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