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Education in WisconsinEducation in Wisconsin

With roughly 900 high schools within the state, Wisconsin ranks 12th in the nation. The state is placed 19th when it comes to high school student enrollment. Wisconsin offers high schools that are nationally recognized such as the Ronald Wilson Reagan College Preparatory High School and Middleton High. Wisconsin has a graduation rate of 79% and a high school dropout rate of 2.7%.

Advanced Degrees in Wisconsin

Majoring in Exercising, Nursing, and Business are amid the more prominent areas of study across the state. Relative to the rest of the nation, there is a high concentration of students who earn a degree in Agriculture. A little over 15% of the state’s adult population has a Bachelor’s degree or above. Wisconsin has something to offer every student, whether you want to further your education at a Liberal Arts College or a large public University. Some of the top universities in Wisconsin include:

– Beloit Colleges
– Lawrence University
– Northland College
– Carroll University
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