Indiana State Resources

Indiana At a Glance

With a population of 6,596,855, Indiana is America’s 16th most populous state, representing just over 2% of the people who live in the U.S. Indiana’s households make a median income of a little more than $70,000, have a cost of living just about 90% of the national average. The average Indiana resident is about 37 years of age.

Located in the midwestern and Great Lakes region, Indiana is the 38th largest state in terms of area. Residents of Indiana are commonly known as “Hoosiers”. The capital of Indiana is Indianapolis, which is the second largest city in the midwest with over 800,000 residents.

Indiana Jobs & Economy

The Indiana economy derives a large percentage of its income from the manufacturing industry. Popular jobs in this Rust Belt state include boilermakers, nurse midwives, and rolling machine setters, operators and tenders.

Indiana Unemployment Rate

As of January 2015, the Indiana unemployment rate is 5.8%, just a tad over the national average of 5.6%.
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