Nebraska State Resources

Nebraska at a Glance

The 37th most populous state, Nebraska has 1,881,503 residents according to 2014 estimates. It’s the 16th largest state by area, and the 37th state to be admitted to the Union. The median family income in Nebraska is $74,484, and the median age of Nebraskans is 36.2 years old.

Nebraska is a great plains state centrally located in the American midwest. It is bordered by six other states, including South Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, and Missouri.

Nebraska Jobs & Economy

Like many other states, Nebraska has a large agricultural sector. Other leading industries in the state include manufacturing, telecommunications, information technology, and insurance. Popular jobs include dredge operators, meat, poultry and fish cutters and trimmers, and buyers and purchasers of farm products. The minimum wage in Nebraska is $8 per hour.

Nebraska Unemployment Rate

As of 2014, Nebraska’s unemployment rate is among the lowest in the country at 2.9%, well below the national average of 5.6%.
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