Oklahoma State Resources

Oklahoma at a Glance

Oklahoma has a population of 3,879,051, making it the 28th most populous of the 50 states. 20th in terms of land area, Oklahoma is known as ‘The Sooner State’. The median household income in the state is $63,580. The median age is 36.2 years.

Oklahoma is located in the southern central United States. Because of its central location and panhandle, the state shares a border with many other states. It is bounded by Arkansas and Missouri to the east, Kansas to the north, Colorado the northwest, New Mexico to the west, and Texas to the west and southwest. The capital and largest city, Oklahoma City, is the shortest serving state capital in the U.S.

Oklahoma & Economy

Oklahoma is a major producer of oil and natural gas, and is home to many industries such as aviation, energy, telecommunications and biotechnology. Casino gaming is also prevalent, and gaming managers, surveillance officers and investigators are among the state’s popular occupations.

Oklahoma Unemployment Rate

Oklahoma has an unemployment rate of 4.2%, well below the national average of 5.6%.
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