Texas State Resources

Texas at a Glance

The second largest U.S. state in terms of land area (behind Alaska) and population (behind California), Texas is home to 26,956,958 people. The median income per household is $66,880, and the median age is well below the national median at 33.6 years.

Texas, also known as the ‘Lone Star State’, is located in the southern central U.S. It shares the longest border with Mexico of any state, and borders New Mexico to the west, Oklahoma to the north, and Louisiana and Arkansas to the east. The capital of Texas is Austin, and the largest city is Houston. The Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington area is the largest metro area.

Texas & Economy

Texas produces more oil than all but 5 countries, and has thriving energy, technology and commerce industries. Texas also has the most farms of any U.S. state, with cattle being the state’s most valuable agricultural resource. As you might expect, the most popular jobs in the state are oil-related, and include petroleum engineers, oil, gas and mining service unit operators, and roustabouts.

Texas Unemployment Rate

The current unemployment rate in 1 point below the national average at 4.6%.
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