Washington State Resources

Washington at a Glance

The 13th most populous state in the union, Washington has just over 7 million residents (7,061,530, according to 2014 estimates). Median household income in Washington is $83,238, and the median age of Washingtonians is 37.3 years old.

Named for America’s first president, Washington state was the 42nd state admitted to the union in 1889. Located the pacific northwest, Washington shares a southern border with Oregon, and an eastern border with Idaho. The capital is Olympia, and the largest city is Seattle. Over 60% of the state’s residents live in the greater Seattle metro area. ?
Washington & Economy

A leading lumber producer, Washington is also known for computer software development, aircraft manufacturing and shipbuilding. Other popular occupations well-represented in the state include mathematicians and legal support workers. The minimum wage in Washington is currently $9.43 an hour.

Washington Unemployment Rate

Washington’s unemployment rate is slightly above the national average at 6.3%.
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