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Build your cover letter using professional cover letter templates. Easily create a cover letter using outlines and writing tips, then download and print!

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Cover Letter Templates

A cover letter template gives you the right foundation to create a document that will catch a hiring manager’s attention. Choose from our professional cover letter templates below and use our Cover Letter Builder to land the job.

Table of Contents

  1. Most popular cover letter templates
  2. Impress with our cover letter templates and cover letter builder
  3. A variety of pre-built cover letter templates
  4. Bring your resume to life with the perfect cover letter
  5. Match your resume and cover letter
  6. Apply to many job opportunities
  7. Tailor your free cover letter template to your industry
  8. Personalize your cover letter quickly
  9. FAQ: Cover letter templates

With over 20 cover letter templates easily available in our builder, it can be hard to choose. Check out our most popular templates below for a variety of positions and industries. Each cover letter template’s streamlined layout and modern fonts are ideal for any applicant looking for an effective cover letter with a professional style.

Classic Template

As the name suggests, this design features razor-sharp fonts and simple lines for a neat, professional appearance.

Contemporary Template

This template is distinguished by a bold header that ensures that hiring managers will remember your name.

Collegiate Template

A centered header and professional fonts give this cover letter template a straightforward, clean presentation.

Executive l Template

A bold header and a splash of color sets this design apart from run-of-the-mill cover letter templates.

Executive ll Template

With each section aligned to the left, this design stands out while keeping your information organized.

Scholastic Template

This template emphasizes the job seeker’s name through subtle use of color lines in the header, while keeping the rest of the letter streamlined.

Metropolitan Template

The job candidate’s name receives a special color treatment in this design, differentiating it from the usual black-and-white templates.

Elegant Template

Strong typography for this letter’s header gives it a timeless, stylish appearance.

Academic Template

This design utilizes judicious spacing and clean fonts for an uncluttered look that’s easy to scan.

Abstract Template

A simple italicized treatment for the header of this cover letter template injects some personality while maintaining a clean layout.

Artistic Template

An injection of color in the header results in a cover letter that makes a statement, without going overboard.

Accomplished Template

A mix of fonts and a striking centered presentation for the job applicant’s contact information helps this cover letter layout stand out.

Create as many cover letters as you need for different job opportunities!

Build my cover letter

Edit a cover letter template free of charge in our Cover Letter Builder. With our free trial, you can choose your favorite template and make as many changes to it as you need before downloading it as a text file or PDF.

Impress with our cover letter templates and cover letter builder

Greetings cover letter templates sample.
Greetings cover letter templates sample.
Greetings cover letter templates sample.

You want to be remembered for the right reasons. A hiring manager takes under 10 seconds to review a cover letter before deciding if they want to get to know you in an interview. A resume can only tell them so much about your skills, work experience and education. A cover letter allows you to elaborate on your hard skills and soft skills, and connects you to the company’s mission. Knowing how to write a cover letter gives you a solid foundation to start writing and receiving callbacks.

Here are a few of the ways our cover letter templates can help you land that dream job.

A variety of pre-built cover letter templates

The cover letter builder helps you find the right design for your content, from artistic to executive and everything in between. The builder offers a wide range of professional cover letter templates to match your style and industry. With its easy navigation and step-by-step guidance, you’ll have a perfect cover letter in just a few minutes.

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Bring your resume to life with the perfect cover letter

Resumes are a great tool to highlight your work experience, relevant skills, education and more. But a cover letter brings your details to life. It tells your story, connects you with the company’s mission and gives you a chance to explain how it benefits from having you as a candidate. Cover letters also allow you to address head-on any concerns from your resume, showing your qualifications in the best light possible.

Blueprint cover letter template sample to match resume template.
Blueprint cover letter template sample to match resume template.

Match your resume and cover letter

Your resume and cover letter are a package. Show your style through their colors, fonts and typography. Make sure they complement each other. Our Cover Letter Builder will help you choose the right resume cover letter template to create a harmonious job application that will impress hiring managers. Use our resume templates and cover letter templates to create the perfect match.

Build my cover letter

Apply to many job opportunities

With free cover letter templates and expert cover letter examples it’s easier and quicker to create numerous eye-catching, industry-specific cover letters. That way, you can confidently concentrate on your job search to find more opportunities to progress in your career.

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Tailor your free cover letter template to your industry

Even within the same industry, companies and positions have different needs. Craft an industry- and position-specific cover letter highlighting how your skills are needed for their success. Tailor your letter with the help of the job advertisement keywords and our job-specific cover letter samples. You will showcase your attention to detail and stand out from the applicant pool.

Personalize your cover letter quickly

Create a cover letter that has you all over. With a step-by-step guide, you can quickly fill out a free cover letter template that speaks for itself and shows your high level of professionalism.

cover letter templates

Land that job interview with our premium cover letter features

Professionally designed templates

Count on the ability of design experts that created these cover letter templates that will help highlight your strengths. A cover letter builder will allow you to try on different templates until you find a cover letter download that matches your style.

Customizable features

Keep what works for you and change what does not work. Add our expert-suggested text and customize it for your style, situation and industry. In the end, you can select a different template and the builder will reformat the information for you. Save the finished product and download it in PDF, Word, Txt and HTML.

Pre-written text templates

Finding the right words is easy with prewritten text templates. Each paragraph has multiple suggestions to choose from, plus the ability to combine them to create your own. Create a cover letter guided by experts or get inspired by their suggestions.

Step-by-step writing advice and suggestions

You can write confidently, guided by writing advice and suggestions at every step. Use expert guidance to create a cover letter that is effective and professional. Use professional guidance throughout the process for an excellent finished product.

All-in-one tool

A word processor can only do so much. With a cover letter builder, you can find the right template plus receive expert guidance and writing tips to create your cover letter. See examples of how others have used the cover letter builder to create effective, professional and convincing cover letters and resumes.

FAQ: Cover letter templates

Have questions? We’re here to help.

Do I need a cover letter?

Cover letters help elaborate on your background and explain why you’re the right person for the job. They set the stage for your resume by pointing out why you are the perfect fit. It’s also your opportunity to set yourself apart from other candidates and provide insights into your unique abilities and achievements. It’s your best opportunity to reach out to recruiters and ask for an interview, that call to action can be more powerful than you might assume.

A template provides a layout for your cover letter and organizes its overall look. Using a cover letter template gives you a professional-looking outline that will immediately set your cover letter apart from everyone else’s. Our templates are customizable, allowing you to add or remove different sections and ensuring the colors and fonts of your cover letter match the colors and fonts of your resume.

What should be included in a cover letter?

A cover letter should include the following information.

  • Your contact information, including links to any professional social media you have, like LinkedIn
  • The recipient’s contact information
  • A salutation
  • An introductory paragraph
  • Body paragraphs, where you present key highlights from your work experience and explain your interest in the job
  • Call to action (e.g., requesting an interview)
  • A closing statement that signs off the letter

Keep the job posting open as you write your cover letter. It will guide you in including the skills and qualifications that set you apart from the other applicants.

What are the keys to a great cover letter?

A hiring manager needs to be able to scan the cover letter easily. A great cover letter must clearly communicate its point and keep the hiring manager’s attention. These are the keys to the cover letter:

  • Keep it concise
  • State what you bring to the table
  • Optimize it for the ATS by using keywords from the job posting
  • Connect with the company by expressing why you are applying for the position

Also, a great cover letter expands on the resume, particularly the skills and work history. It allows you to go beyond by explaining how you achieved your goals.

Do I really need to write a new cover letter for each job application?

Yes. Each company has different needs and is seeking different skills for the position, even within the same industry. A cover letter must show that you are the candidate with the specific qualities they need.

By using a free cover letter template, you can cut down on the cover letter writing time. You don’t necessarily need to rewrite the entire cover letter, you can just change the appropriate paragraphs.

  • Introductions — Where you state what position you’re applying for and why you’re interested in the company.
  • Pitch — Where you state why the company needs your skills.
  • Conclusion — Where you reiterate your interest and what makes you a good candidate.

Don’t submit a resume you’ve spent time, effort and substantial thought creating without including a cover letter. Get started now. Create Your Cover Letter!

What is a cover letter template?

A cover letter template is a preformatted design, it shows how the final product would look if you follow a similar style. It is important to remember that a cover letter should not be a long document, only one page. Following a sleek and professional design allows applicants to be direct and hiring managers to focus on the skills and experiences of the candidate. With a cover letter template, you can ensure that yours is optimized to highlight your achievements and the skills you bring to the company.

What is the correct cover letter format?

The correct cover letter format is as follows: a header, a salutation, an introductory paragraph, the pitch and a closing paragraph. These letters should be three to four paragraphs and between 250 to 400 words.

The right free cover letter template paired with a professional and effective resume is your key to getting the interview. This is why keeping your letter concise and full of the strongest skills that could help in that particular industry is important.

What is the purpose of a cover letter?

The purpose of a cover letter is to expand on your resume and to connect with the employer. A resume is an incredible tool that keeps all your qualifications in an easy-to-read and concise format. It also leaves out important information, like how you achieved your goals, why there’s an employment gap or why you are interested in this particular position and company. This is where the cover letter comes in handy, explaining the position you’re applying for and including your resume.

More importantly, it allows you to pitch yourself as a candidate they can’t pass up. Part of the cover letter explains how your skills and experience — or your tenacity and willingness to learn — will help the company going forward.

Is there a free cover letter template?

There is! Our Cover Letter Builder allows you to craft the cover letter that could get you the job. You can download one free cover letter template in text file format without subscribing. Remember to check out our cover letter guide to create a document that could change your career.

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