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A cover letter template gives you the right foundation to create a document that will catch a hiring manager’s attention. Choose from our professional cover letter templates below and use our Cover Letter Builder to land the job you want.

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ResumeHelp's cover letter templates

You can customize any of our templates with our free trial. It allows you to make as many changes as you want to our resume before downloading it as a text file or PDF.

pre-built cover letter templates

A variety of pre-built cover letter templates

The cover letter builder helps you find the right design for your content, from artistic to executive and everything in between. The builder offers a wide range of professional cover letter templates to match your style and industry. Additionally, our tool can assist you in crafting a professional sick leave letter when necessary. With its easy navigation and step-by-step guidance, you’ll have a perfect, unique cover letter in just a few minutes.

the perfect cover letter

Bring your resume to life with the perfect cover letter

Resumes are a great tool to highlight your work experience, relevant skills, education and more. But a cover letter brings your details to life. It tells your story, connects you with the company’s mission and gives you a chance to explain how it benefits from having you as a candidate. Cover letters also allow you to address head-on any concerns from your resume, showing your qualifications in the best light possible.

Apply to many job opportunities

Apply to many job opportunities

With free cover letter templates and expert cover letter examples it's easier and quicker to create numerous eye-catching, industry-specific cover letters. That way, you can confidently concentrate on your job search to find more opportunities to progress in your career. Rest assured, there is a perfect cover letter template for every industry and job role. If you're looking to apply for a position within your current company, you can check out our guide on writing a compelling cover letter for an internal position.

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Easy-to-use, simple cover letter examples

Cover letter examples are the ideal way to jump-start writing your own professional cover letter. ResumeHelp offers sample cover letters based on industry and job title, so you’ll see exactly what to say in your letter.

Cover letter template writing tips

Our Cover letter builder provides customizable templates and lots of expert resume writing tips. You’ll appreciate the step-by-step advice written by our staff of certified professional cover letter writers to ensure any template you select can help you land a coveted job interview. Here are some things to consider when writing your cover letter:

  • Select the best cover letter template that matches your job role experience level.
  • Address your cover letter to the specific hiring manager or recruiter.
  • Tailor your cover letter to the job description that you’re applying for.
  • Follow cover letter examples already written for your job title and industry.
  • Start writing from scratch without an expertly-prepared ATS-friendly template.
  • Exceed one page. Hiring managers have mere seconds to read each cover letter.
  • Send the same cover letter to every company you’re applying to.
  • Forget to proofread for typos and grammatical errors before sending your cover letter.

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Cover letter templates come with step-by-step writing advice

With a cover letter builder, job seekers can find the right template plus receive expert guidance and writing tips to create your cover letter. See examples of how others have used the cover letter builder to create effective, professional and convincing cover letters and resumes. Then, write confidently, guided by writing advice and suggestions at every step. Use expert guidance to create a cover letter that is effective and professional. Use professional guidance throughout the process for an excellent finished product.

A no-nonsense copy/paste cover letter template

Our team of experts prepared this generic cover letter template for you to get a super fast start to writing your own cover letter. Simply copy and paste the wording below and customize the words within the brackets with your own information.

[Your Name]
[Street Address]
[City and Zip Code]
[Your Phone Number]

[Today’s Date]

[Addressee’s/Hiring Manager’s Name]
[Job Title]
[Organization/Company Name]
[Street Address]
[City and Zip Code]

Dear [Name],

I am writing to you to express my motivation for the currently open role as [OPEN ROLE] at [COMPANY YOU ARE APPLYING AT], which I believe can bring tremendous value for.

For the past [YEARS OF EXPERIENCE] I’ve been focusing on [SKILL]. In addition, my academic background is in [RELEVANT ACADEMIC BACKGROUND]. Apart from being able to apply a diverse perspective, I add to the equation my skills at [SOFT/HARD SKILL], [SOFT/HARD SKILL], [SOFT/HARD SKILL].

I would love to schedule an interview with you and further discuss the possibility of the current role, as well as to understand the company’s needs better. Thank you for your time and consideration.

Best regards,
[Your Name]

Custom cover letters made easy

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Tailor your free cover letter template to your industry

Even within the same industry, companies and positions have different needs. Craft an industry- and position-specific cover letter highlighting how your skills are needed for their success. You can tailor a cover letter template free of charge in our Cover Letter Builder and download a free text version.

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Personalize your cover letter quickly

Create a cover letter that has you all over. With a step-by-step guide, you can quickly fill out a free cover letter template that speaks for itself and shows your high level of professionalism. With a few clicks, your cover letter appears before your eyes. Then, download your professional cover letter template in PDF or Word format.

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Match your resume and cover letter

Your resume and cover letter get submitted together during the application process. Show your style by matching colors, fonts and typography. Make sure they complement each other. Our Cover Letter Builder will help you choose the right cover letter template to create a harmonious job application that will impress a future employer. Use our resume templates and cover letter templates to create the perfect match.

FAQ: Cover letter templates

Cover letters help elaborate on your background and explain why you’re the right person for the job. They set the stage for your resume by pointing out why you are the perfect fit. It’s also your opportunity to set yourself apart from other candidates and provide insights into your unique abilities and achievements. It’s your best opportunity to reach out to recruiters and ask for an interview., That call to action can be more powerful than you might assume.

A template provides a layout for your cover letter and organizes its overall look. Using a cover letter template gives you a professional-looking outline that will immediately set your cover letter apart from everyone else’s. From modern cover letter templates to creative cover letter templates, our designs are customizable, allowing you to s, and ensuring the colors and fonts of your cover letter match the colors and fonts of your resume.

A standout cover letter should include the following information:

  • Your contact information, including links to any professional social media you have, like LinkedIn
  • The recipient’s contact information
  • A salutation
  • An introductory paragraph
  • Body paragraphs, where you present key highlights from your work experience and explain your interest in the job
  • Call to action (e.g., requesting an interview)
  • A closing statement that signs off the letter

Keep the job ad open as you write your cover letter. It will guide you in including the skills and qualifications that set you apart from the other applicants.

A hiring manager needs to be able to scan the cover letter easily. A great cover letter must clearly communicate its point and keep the hiring manager’s attention. These are the keys to the cover letter:

  • Keep it concise
  • State what you bring to the table
  • Optimize it for the ATS by using keywords from the job posting
  • Connect with the company by expressing why you are applying for the position

Also, a great cover letter expands on the resume, particularly the skills and work history. It allows you to go beyond by explaining how you achieved your goals. Looking at a cover letter sample is a great way to know what to write.

Yes. Each company has different needs and is seeking different skills for the position, even within the same industry. A cover letter must show that you are the best candidate with the specific qualities they need.

By using a free cover letter template, you can cut down on cover letter writing time. You don’t necessarily need to rewrite the entire cover letter every time you need a new one; you can just change the appropriate paragraphs for multiple cover letters.

  • Introductions — Where you state what position you’re applying for and why you’re interested in the company.
  • Pitch — Where you state why the company needs your skills.
  • Conclusion — Where you reiterate your interest and what makes you a good candidate.

Don’t submit a resume you’ve spent time, effort and substantial thought creating without including your best cover letter. Create your application documents quickly using a cover letter template matching your resume template

A good cover letter template is a preformatted design, it shows how the final product would look if you follow a similar style. It is important to remember that a cover letter should not be a long document, only one page. Following a sleek and professional design allows applicants to be direct and hiring managers to focus on the skills and experiences of the candidate. With the best sample cover letter template for your industry, you can ensure that yours is optimized to highlight your achievements and the skills you bring to the company.

Yes, your resume and cover letter should match. It’s a great way to draw attention to your application. Select your resume template first and then create your cover letter with the same header style. This allows you to have a cover letter ready to submit alongside a resume for the strongest job application documents.

The correct cover letter format is as follows: a header, a salutation, an introductory paragraph, the pitch and a closing paragraph. These letters should be three to four paragraphs and between 250 to 400 words.

The right free cover letter template paired with a professional and effective resume is your key to getting the interview. This is why keeping your well-written cover letter concise and full of the strongest skills that could help in that particular industry is important.

The purpose of a cover letter is to expand on your resume and to connect with the prospective employer. A resume is an incredible tool that keeps all your qualifications in an easy-to-read and concise format. It also leaves out important information, like how you achieved your goals, why there’s an employment gap or why you are interested in this particular position and company. This is where the cover letter comes in handy, explaining the position you’re applying for and including your resume.

More importantly, you should use a cover letter to pitch yourself as a candidate they can’t pass up. Part of the cover letter explains how your skills and experience — or your tenacity and willingness to learn — will help the company going forward.

There is! Our Cover Letter Builder allows you to craft the cover letter that could get you the job. You can download one free cover letter template in text file format without subscribing. Remember to check out our cover letter guide to create a document that could change your career.

With a professional cover letter template, you will see just how to word your cover letter even if you’re entry-level and have no experience. It will lead you to focus on your skills, relevant coursework, projects, ideas and any volunteer work you may possess. You can look at an example cover letter to help you get started. It’s suggested that you write your resume first and then your entry level cover letter can expand on that information.

Sending a cover letter email note is acceptable but a cover letter template makes it simple to write and format a professional document. Most job offers don’t request a cover letter but writing one shows that you took the time and initiative to give a glimpse into your personality, your relevant qualifications and how you fit in with the company’s culture. So while an email note sent to the hiring team is okay, a formal cover letter is better. Remember, a cover letter builder offers you a cover letter template with pre-written text based on the industry you are applying for.

As it typically is requested in the job description, your cover letter should be submitted along with your professional resume in PDF format. We recommend a PDF format because it is the safe method to keep your text and layout in place. Any other format could result in skewed text and format, looking sloppy when the hiring manager, recruiter or employer receives it. With our matching cover letter and resume templates, you can be sure that your job applications documents are easy to read.

A professional cover letter should be a single page. You can look at it as a four-paragraph document, featuring between 250 to 400 words. Busy hiring managers review countless cover letters and resumes for each job opening so get to the point in the opening paragraph and don’t go on and on with mundane details.

Focus on your most impressive career and educational background highlights and give the prospective employer a reason to want to read the entire one-page document. Tailor your letter to meet the job qualifications and requirements as mentioned in the job description, hitting on specific keywords to be easily matched by the applicant tracking system (ATS.) A good cover letter is the key to getting invited to a job interview.

ResumeHelp free resume templates allow you to add your personal details and create all of the versions you will need for different job applications. Look at the job posting and customize each resume to highlight your qualifications for that specific job role. Our resume templates free download is a great way to start creating a professional resume for your dream job.

The best resume template depends on your chosen industry and job title. For example, if you’re applying for a creative role, select a modern template, one that offers color for a creative resume. If applying for a teacher position, choose a traditional template. If unsure, select a simple, straightforward template. Just pick the one that best suits your job search.

Microsoft Word does offer free resume template downloads but they are typically simplistic in layout. Our proven successful templates offer you an advantageous opportunity to download expert-designed templates as Word files. To take advantage of your free resume templates download or use our Resume Builder. You will be one step closer to landing your dream job.