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CV Templates

Use our CV templates as a guideline to create a professional document with the right fonts, colors, margin sizes and more.

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Professional CV templates

  • Empire

    This CV template color-codes your name with the first and last names showing up in different colors without compromising your career highlights and information.

  • Revival

    Display your skills, professional experience and other qualifications with this two-column professional CV template.

  • Hollywood

    Let your name speak for itself with this professional CV format template that effectively showcases your abilities.

  • Flapjack

    Even in its default black setting, the rainbow lines at the top and bottom of this creative CV template provide a creative slant that’s perfect for less conservative jobs.

  • Blueprint

    This original CV design features a fun banner with your initials, allowing you to stand out easily.

  • Fold

    Give your curriculum vitae a fresh look with a layout that will catch hiring managers’ attention.

Why use our CV templates

In a sea of curriculum vitae templates, we offer fresh designs and premium options you can easily edit in our CV Builder.

CV templates customizable illustration

Customizable CV styles

Make the CV templates we offer your own by adding additional sections, changing the colors, choosing from different professional fonts and more.

CV template design option illustration

CV design options

Our library of CV templates is ideal for different jobs and industries, whether you need a legal CV, academic CV, government CV or more.

CV templates expert content illustration

Generated content from experts

Easily fill your CV template with the expert-generated content our CV maker gives you based on your job and career level.

Build my CV

CV template writing tips

Make templates your own by following our expert resume writing tips. Figuring out how to make a CV can be simple when using our Resume Builder. It will provide step-by-step advice directly from certified professional resume writers and hiring managers to ensure any CV template you select can be crafted to land your desired job.

dos background image
check sign Do:
  • Select the best format for your needs and years of experience.
  • Tailor your CV to the job description and company.
  • Select a CV template appropriate for the job and industry.
dont background image
close sign Don't:
  • Use a complicated infographic template that’s not ATS-friendly.
  • Download your template in the incorrect file format.
  • Forget to proofread and edit your CV before submitting it.

Trusted by professionals

Free CV template to copy and use

Use this how-to guide to create one or more free CV templates on your own. Just copy and paste this free curriculum vitae, and change the content within the brackets to fit your skills and experience!

Your Full Name

City, State, zip code
Home: (555) 555-5555 – Cell: (555) 555-5555 – email.address@email.com

Summary Statement

Note: Before getting started, make sure you research the standards of your industry/field.

Write 2-3 sentences that emphasize your skills, specific expertise and important work achievements. Make sure the information you feature is relevant to the job and matches the job description. For more on summary statements, see our Resume Summary article.

Core Qualifications

  • A curriculum vitae can feature multiple skill sections, so reserve the core competencies for your top ones.
  • Include a mixture of hard skills (measurable abilities learned through training), technical skills (knowledge needed to perform your task) and soft skills (personal attributes).
  • Add any transferable skill that can fit with your industry.
  • For more on skills, check our article with the most sought-after skills you can include in your CV.


Degree: Field of Study School Name – City and state where the school is located

Certification or Additional Training: Field of Study

  • In the U.S., a curriculum vitae may be required in specialized fields, like sciences and law, or to apply to postgraduate programs, hence why the education section will be higher up.
  • List your educational experience in reverse-chronological order with no more than four items, including Doctorate degrees. Keep them within 5-10 years of relevancy.
  • If you graduated more than 10 years ago, you don’t have to include your graduation date.
  • Leave the grants, honors and awards for a different section.

Work Experience

05/2017 to Current
Company – Company City, Company State

  • Like the education section, list your roles in reverse-chronological order with the latest at the top.
  • Include three to five bullet points per job title, detailing important tasks and work achievements.
  • Use action verbs at the beginning of each statement to make them more impactful.
  • Write your current role in the present tense (“Write an average of 10 articles…”) and the previous ones in past tense (“Wrote an average of 10 articles…”)

Company – Company City, Company State

  • Use metrics (like percentages) to better portray your achievements.
  • Limit what you include in your professional history to the last 10 years, similar to the education section, and make sure it’s relevant.
  • Get more tips in our dedicated article to capture your work experience the right way.

Research Experience *Optional section*

Because a curriculum vitae is a detailed view of your career, chances are you might need to include additional sections, such as research experience. Include the institution, department, dates, name of the research advisor or principal investigator, as applicable.

Teaching Experience *Optional section*

Use this section of your CV to highlight any teaching assistant, teaching associate, lecture or tutoring roles you have held in the past. List each of them with the institution, department, course(s) and your job title.

Publications * Optional section*

The publications you list should follow standard citation format, such as APA or MLA — remember to review the standards of your industry. If you published something alongside other authors, highlight your name by underlining or bolding it.

Note: Publications can be divided into subsections by the type of publication, including refereed journal articles, book chapters, reviews and abstracts.

Conference Presentations * Optional section*

List any conference presentations you wrote or presented in front of an audience. Include them in reverse-chronological order, with the name of the conference and the year in parentheses, followed by the title of the presentation.

Conference Attendance * Optional section*

Do you actively participate in conferences related to your career? You can include them in their own section as well. Similarly to the other sections, they should be listed in reverse-chronological order with the year in parentheses.

Honors and Awards * Optional section*

If you have received more than one award, create a separate section to highlight them. List them with the year in parentheses. If you have only received one award, we suggest including the title in your work experience section or as part of your introduction in the summary statement (e.g. “Annie Jump Cannon Award winning astrophysicists with more than 10 years of experience…).

Professional Affiliations and Memberships * Optional section*

Include industry-specific memberships, organizations or groups you belong to, whether you’re an active member or not.

Certifications and Licenses * Optional section*

List any certifications or licenses you have with their expiration date. If you’re in the process of completing a certification, write it as “In Progress” with the expected date of completion.

Training * Optional section*

Create a section for any workshops or specialized training you may have with the certification name, licensing status and issue date.

Languages * Optional section*

Make a bulleted list of the languages you know with your level of proficiency in parentheses. For example: English (Fluent), Spanish (Fluent), Russian (Intermediate).

Portfolio * Optional section*

Using bullet points, list the name of your portfolio with its year of creation.

What to write in a CV template

It’s important to first check your industry standards to make sure you’re complying with their requirements. In general, however, here’s what you can include to make any of our CV templates your own and impress hiring managers.

cv template infographic desktop
  • 1


    Write your full name so the hiring manager knows who you are.

  • 2

    Contact information

    Include your phone number, professional email address, and city and state.

  • 3

    Highlight your top skills & experience relevant to the job in 2-3 sentences

  • 4


    Include up to 10 years of your educational background.

  • 5

    Work experience

    Focus on major work accomplishments and not mundane tasks.

  • 6

    Core qualifications

    List the most relevant soft and hard skills in this section.

  • 7

    Professional affiliations and memberships

    Include any affiliations or memberships related to your career.

  • 8

    Presentations and lectures

    List presentations & lectures you have given or written with their year.

  • 9

    Scholarships, grants and awards

    Highlight any scholarships, grants or awards given to you using bullets.

  • 10

    Hobbies & interests

    Provide extracurriculars that may be relevant to the position.

account-executive-resume-example popup-image

This CV template places your name on the right margin without compromising your career highlights and information.

How to access this template
file pdf Download PDF
CV Maker

Use our software and create a CV with a premade template. Let the CV Maker help you make your resume fast.

Build my CV

Your curriculum vitae made easy

With the help of our CV maker, you can easily make any of our CV templates your own in a matter of minutes, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your job search.

Frame (6)

Choose from CV templates with customizable designs

A professional curriculum vitae will highlight your career in government, law, academia or other specialized field. Our templates make it easy for you to create additional sections, move them around and make other changes to better suit your needs.

Frame (7)

Use CV examples for inspiration

Our library of CV samples is the perfect place to find job-specific inspiration. The CVs featured are created by experts, so they’re a good source of content, skills and qualifications.

Group 1000001510

Submit a CV without mistakes

Our built-in spell checker will highlight any typos or grammatical errors, so you can download and send a curriculum vitae that looks and reads well.

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Frame (8)

Choose your CV template and land your dream job

Whether you need to create a CV, a resume or even a cover letter, we’ve got you covered with professional template options. We’ll help you do the heavy lifting by suggesting content and giving you step-by-step instructions you can follow to make a curriculum vitae that will allow you to take the next step in your career.

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FAQ: CV Templates

Have questions? We’re here to help.

A standard CV is a minimum of two pages and a maximum of 10. It can sometimes be longer than two pages if you have relevant information like numerous publications, research, experiments or curatorial documents. An employer can require additional information that can increase the length of your document, like a portfolio, lesson plans, staff recommendations and professorships.

The main difference between a curriculum vitae and a resume is how much information is necessary. Resumes keep things brief and usually down to one page. In contrast, a CV should include every element of your work, academic history and other relevant background information. For some countries and specified industries, it may be appropriate to include your photo, hobbies, interests and various background details.

It’s important to note that outside the U.S., a CV may play the same role and follow the same format as a resume. So, be sure to know what the employer requires and what the standards are for job seekers before applying.

Like with a resume, you can create a CV with little-to-no traditional work experience. Any volunteering, internships or industry-relevant freelance work can fill out a work history section just as easily. Additionally, CVs emphasize the finer details of one’s education anyway, so feel free to delve into the specifics of your academic background if you have one.

We have many ATS-friendly CV templates, but not all are. ATS-friendly CV templates follow strict formatting and design guidelines. They don’t leave much room for creativity but ensure an applicant tracking system can quickly scan your CV.

To ensure your curriculum vitae template is ATS-friendly, make sure it follows these characteristics:

  • It has minimal design features like horizontal lines or pops of colors in your headings’ fonts.
  • Must not include text boxes or tables that separate text. The ATS reads from left to right and will not order your information accurately.
  • It does not include a profile picture or images, as the ATS also has trouble scanning these.

Our team of professional resume writers created these CV samples with accurate content and the utmost attention to detail. You can trust that an actual human wrote these CV examples ensuring they’re free of plagiarism and typos. All our CV examples have original content you won’t find anywhere else.

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