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Table of Contents

  1. Resume templates
  2. How our professional resume templates help you
  3. Boost the odds with our premium resume template features
  4. Pre-built resume templates
  5. Get the resume process done efficiently
    1. FAQ: Resume templates

    Resume templates

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    You can customize any of our resume templates to your needs in our Resume Builder, free of charge. Our free trial allows you to make as many changes as you want to your resume before downloading it as a text file or PDF.

    How our professional resume templates help you

    Resume templates Hollywood type with blue name and sections headers.
    Resume template Revival with blue colored left panel.
    Resume formats example document with blue color header flourish.

    Creating a resume can be an overwhelming task when trying to focus on many important details simultaneously: making sure to stand out from other candidates, including all the information that makes you look good, using the right words, proofreading and more. Hiring managers take an average of 7.5 seconds to size you up, so a professional resume that reads well is key.

    A resume template can help you craft a resume effectively and quickly. A template is a professionally designed and preformatted resume, optimized for applicant tracking systems (ATS). A solid resume template allows you to see how your resume should look and can help you set yourself apart from other job candidates in your industry.

    If you use our free resume templates, there is no need to start from zero. All the little details are taken care of and you only have to concentrate on adding your qualifications.

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    Boost the odds with our premium resume template features

    Professional design options

    Professional design options tell you that you will put your best foot forward. A professionally designed resume template tailored to the job description will capture the hiring manager’s attention.

    Customize a style that fits you

    With a resume builder, you can customize a specific sentence, an entire section or even change the entire resume design in just a few clicks. Once satisfied with your creation, you can save it in multiple formats and download it to attach to your job application.

    Find the right words from our expert examples

    No need to guess what active verbs to use, what skills to add or what qualifications work best.
    Our team of resume writers, hiring professionals and AI-powered data can help you craft an effective resume. With the right template, you’re sure to catch the attention of potential employers.

    Get resume writing tips and a checklist

    An effective resume is well-written. Grammar errors and inaccurate information could cost you an interview. To get a head start in writing your resume, our Resume Builder will provide step-by-step advice directly from certified professional resume writers and hiring managers to ensure a professional resume.

    All you need to succeed in your job search

    Take a look at how other job seekers have created their resumes. Search our library of resume examples by industry and positions. You will have the industry specific-content that you need to finally craft a short, informative and effective resume that could take your career to the next level.

    The best free resume templates

    Job seekers know that creating a resume that stands out from the crowd can be difficult. To get a dream job, your resume needs to detail both your achievements and your necessary skills.It also must have a professional layout that allows hiring managers to take in all the important information they need in a few seconds.

    To get your resume as perfect as you can get it, you need to invest in the process of writing it, but you also need an eye-catching design that’s informative and organized. A resume template will help you do that.

    To create a resume that makes the right impression immediately, use our free resume templates. Our resume templates have distinctive designs that will catch a hiring manager’s attention, can accommodate your skills and professional information, and make it easy to highlight your most important qualifications. Choose from our free resume templates, available in many different styles, to help you design your optimal resume.

    Pre-built resume templates

    No need to create a resume from scratch — use a pre-designed word resume template to sell your skills and experience. Use our creative resume templates for free with our easy-to-use resume builder to get started quickly on the path to landing the right job while also giving you plenty of flexibility to customize your resume. Plus, you don’t have to start from a completely blank page, which makes the process much easier.

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    Get the resume process done efficiently

    You don’t want to spend more time than necessary writing your resume. Our free resume templates take care of the layout, fonts, margins, spacing and more. With a professional resume template, you don’t have to waste time setting up your resume. Instead, you can focus your time on perfecting the content of the resume — and we can help you there, too.

    1Find the right words with professional resume examples

    Some template resumes can feel like a fill-in-the-blank quiz. What are the most important skills? What words should you be using? Take the guesswork out of filling in your resume template by using our hundreds of professional resume examples, which provide solid job and industry-specific content. With each resume sample, you’ll find the right suggestions for skills, experiences and qualifications that fit your target job.


    2Make a strong first impression

    One of the most important things to remember about your resume is that a hiring manager will typically spend an average of 7.4 seconds scanning your resume before making a choice about whether to keep reading or discard it. You need to put your best foot forward from the start and an easily scannable template for a resume can help you do that.

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    3Use our Resume Builder’s tips, checklist and tools

    Submitting a resume that contains errors can be worse than not sending it in the first place. Your resume needs tight wording, correct spelling and accurate grammar. Inaccurate information, misspellings and grammar errors will get noticed by potential employers before anything else, and even the best qualifications won’t be able to help you from there. Using our resume templates with our Resume Builder’s checklist and writing tips can help you identify and correct errors, ensuring you’re submitting your resume at its best.

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    FAQ: Resume templates

    What is a resume template?

    A resume template is a mockup resume. It allows you to see how your content would look and helps you make an informed choice on resume layout and design. Resume templates are used by applicants looking to create or reformat a resume, and can be customized to fit your style with customizable designs and colors.

    Using a free word resume template with a resume builder makes creating a professional resume even easier and has more advantages, like:

    • Expert suggestions for the content
    • Applicant tracking system (ATS) compliant templates
    • Professional designs that are aesthetically pleasing

    Should you use a resume template or start from scratch?

    The advantage of using a resume template is that it takes out the guesswork. The design is ready-made, the sections are placed accordingly and you only have to customize it to your needs. If you have no experience creating a resume or haven’t done it successfully in the past, a template is a way to go.

    It’s important to remember that a free downloadable resume template isn’t building your resume for you. Instead, it’s giving you a solid foundation for an aesthetically pleasing resume that also provides the structure that best displays your information.

    A basic free resume template paired with industry-specific resume examples can help you create an effective, professional resume in minutes.

    What should you include in your resume?

    You must include several critical items in a resume to effectively present your information to a hiring manager. As you’ll see in our job resume templates, a resume usually features the following sections:

    Cover letters are also an important aspect of your job application. Most job descriptions, even ones that don’t specifically mention a cover letter, expect you to submit one. You should find a cover letter template before submitting your resume so you can offer them both simultaneously.

    Resume examples for your specific job can also be very helpful; for example, an entry-level job and a high-level job will need different resumes. When looking at resume examples, make sure you also look at what designs they’re using. With hundreds of examples in our library, we’ll be sure to have a sample resume template that works for your specific industry. Use our resume templates together with our resume examples for the best results.

    What types of resumes can I make with a resume template?

    You can create any of the three types of resumes (also known as resume formats) with a blank resume template. Picking out a resume format that best highlights your strengths is the first step in crafting an effective resume.

    • Chronological format — Focuses on work experience. Use it when you have a decade or more of consistent employment within the same industry and are looking to move on.
    • Functional format — Focuses on skills. Use it when starting your career, switching industries or returning to the workforce after an employment gap. Keep in mind that this type of resume isn’t always a hit with hiring managers.
    • Combination format — It balances both skills and work history. Use it when you have between three to nine years of experience and want to take your career to the next level.

    All three resume formats have their place and our resume templates can accommodate them. No matter what you’re trying to highlight in your resume, you can use our resume templates to do it.

    How many pages long should my resume be?

    A resume should be a one-page document, if possible. Recruiters spend an average of 7.4 seconds screening a resume, which means you do not have much time or space to make a great impression. Our resume templates are designed to make the most out of a one-page resume. The templates ensure that you have a nice-looking, concise resume with the right amount of information. It’s important to note that you could stretch your resume to two pages if you have over a decade of experience.

    Are resume templates free?

    You’ll find that most websites that offer resume templates will allow you to edit them on the site for free. Some sites have templates available for direct download, although it can be tricky to edit them once you’ve downloaded them. If you need to actually create and save a resume using a template, it’s usually easier to use an online resume builder to customize the template, and save and download your resume. There can be some costs involved with using a builder, but if you plan on writing a few resumes for different job opportunities, it’s often worth it.

    How much does a professional resume template cost?

    Hiring a professional to create your resume from scratch can cost around $400 on average. The cost is even higher for executives and managers, with agencies charging upwards of $750. Prices will vary according to your current level and the industry the resume will target. For someone seeking employment, this can be a limiting expense.

    Consider a resume builder, which can offer you expert suggestions, step-by-step guidance and allows you to customize your resume multiple times.

    What is the best template for a resume?

    The best resume template is the one that shows your strengths in the best light. The style and design of your resume show the recruiter a little bit about you before they start reading.

    • Modern resume templates — A contemporary take on the traditional resume, the modern free resume template works great for candidates in traditional industries with nontraditional roles, like marketing, startups and the tech industry.
    • Simple resume templates — Our simple free resume templates are your best bet if you’re starting your career and don’t have professional experience. The focus is entirely on your content with no distracting or out-of-place designs. Candidates from any industry can use this template and its no-nonsense approach.
    • Creative resume templates — A creative resume template will work for you if you work in a creative field, like cosmetology, design, art, media and more. A pop of color and design helps showcase your style and creativity from the very first look.
    • Professional resume templates — A structured resume template will show you as a sharp candidate with a structured layout. Executives and managers — or those on track to become one — tend to choose this template.
    • Traditional resume templates — When in doubt, use a traditional template. This template works well in all industries. Choosing this tried and true template will help you focus on the content of your resume.

    Remember that you can pick a resume template according to your style and industry. Your focus should be on which template will help you showcase why you’re the best candidate.

    Where can I get good resume templates for free?

    You can try out our free resume templates in our Resume Builder and download them for free in text or PDF format. Using the builder, you can take advantage of all its features, like expert suggestions and easy-to-fill questions regarding your skills and work history. If you’re unsure about the finished resume, simply choose another template and the builder will automatically repopulate it with the information you’ve already entered. And if you’re looking for a Microsoft Word resume template, no worries—all of our resume templates and CV templates can be downloaded in Word format.

    What are the advantages of using a resume template?

    Using a resume template helps visualize how a design looks, how much content can fit the page and provides a ready-to-use design. By now, you know that a resume is a one-page document. But can you visualize how much info it can hold? Or do you know where everything should be? A template gives you a mockup of an effective resume that allows you to create a document that will have hiring managers focusing on your skills and experience.

    Do you need a new resume template if you change jobs?

    Revising and updating your resume when applying for a new job is always a good idea. It allows you to find any errors, remove information that is no longer relevant and customize it to the company’s needs. With a resume builder, you can upload your current resume, select a new template that suits you better and tailor it to the job application.

    Our Resume Builder has unlimited storage, which means you can update and save as many resumes as you’d like until you find a result that showcases why you’re the best candidate for the job.

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