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cover letter example
cover letter example

Our Cover Letter Examples Get You Started Quickly

To create a cover letter, you need to have a great grasp on what a cover letter does. To do this, you’ll need to address what the hiring manager wants to know and highlight the right job-specific information to ensure a compelling document when the hiring manager scans your cover letter.

The good news is that with a cover letter example, you can create a polished cover letter that quickly and easily brings your information front and center. A cover letter sample for your particular industry and the job you’re applying for will point out important skills and qualifications you need to emphasize in your own cover letter.

Here are just a few of the ways cover letter examples can positively impact your job search.

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Avoid the dreaded blank page

Just sitting at your computer and staring at a blank screen can be death to the cover letter writing process. Instead of trying to figure out how to get from Point A to Point Z, use a cover letter sample that helps guide your content and gives you cues on how to approach writing about your skills and experience.

Cover Letter Examples

Client Support Analyst

Cover Letter Examples

Lead Compliance Advisor

Cover Letter Examples

Assistant Manger

Cover Letter Examples

Field Technician

Each job-specific cover letter example pinpoints skills and responsibilities that reflect what hiring managers want, and are organized for quick scanning.
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Proven cover letter examples to jump-start your writing

If you’re trying to zero in on how to present your expertise and experience, a few examples that fit your industry and position can help give you an idea of what your cover letter needs to look like before you actually write it. Our hundreds of examples cover every major job and industry. Just pick one of them and use our cover letter builder to create your own cover letter in minutes.

Understand your industry more effectively

Every industry will want something different from you when it comes to your cover letter. No matter what job you’re applying for, you should emphasize relevant skills and experiences, and connect them with what the new job requires. Looking at cover letter examples from your specific industry can help you compose a cover letter that leads to a second look.

Stand out from the crowd and land more interviews

Cover letters help you present yourself outside the rigorous framework of a resume, injecting a bit of humanity into the job-hunting process. They are the perfect way to point out your specific strengths and career goals and give you the chance to explain how you fit the job. Cover letters are also your opportunity to connect directly with hiring managers and request an interview.

Bring your resume to life

Resumes focus on just the facts. The cover letter is your opportunity to bring your details to life and point out how your expertise and experience fit the job you’re applying for. When you have a great cover letter, you’re able to indicate why you’re the perfect fit for the job and request an interview so you can prove it.
At the end of the day, your cover letters say a lot about who you are. They give your hiring manager and potential employer a good idea of who you are in terms of qualifications and experience for the job.
The cover letter examples at ResumeHelp allow you to see what people are currently looking for in your industry. They will also give you ideas for wording, structure, and what you should highlight in your cover letter. By focusing on tone and structure, you can use the cover letter samples to push forward in your job search and get started on the right foot.

FAQ: Cover Letter Examples

Q: Do I really need a cover letter?

Unless you come across a job description that specifically indicates a cover letter isn’t necessary, you should always assume that a cover letter is required. Even if it isn’t, it can be incredibly helpful to write one to accompany your resume.

Think of your cover letter as an additional tool you should use in your application. Sure, you could probably change a tire with just a single tool, but wouldn’t it be so much easier if you had additional tools that were specifically suited to the job? When you submit a cover letter with your professional resume, you’re complementing your resume with more information on your background and more details on how you can help a company.

Q: Why should I use a cover letter example?

A cover letter example allows you to see what works in the field where you’re hoping to get a job. Our examples feature job-specific details and suggestions that can aid you in creating your own letter and separate yourself from the competition.

Just use our examples in conjunction with our professionalcover letter builder, which provides step-by-step guidance and tips. Use each cover letter template for inspiration as well as suggestions that help you zero in on important skills and qualifications you can highlight in your own cover letter.

Q: What should I include in a cover letter?

A good cover letter goes into more detail on specific skills and accomplishments you feature on your resume and helps the hiring manager connect with you as a person. A properly formatted cover letter will include the following:

  • Your contact information, including professional social media like LinkedIn
  • The recipient’s name and information
  • Subject line
  • Salutation
  • Opening paragraph
  • Explanation of why you’re interested in the job and a recap of your key work experience
  • More about relevant skills that can make a positive impact on the job
  • Call to action (e.g., a request for a job interview)
  • Closing statement

Q: What are the keys to a great cover letter?

A good cover letter needs to be short, to the point, and clearly communicate what you can bring to a company. Bullet points are a great way to communicate this information easily, especially if you’re adding a lot of information to the cover letter. Here’s how this might look in an effective cover letter:

In past jobs, I was regularly tasked with helping the company manage large sums of money. This includes advertising campaigns with multi-million-dollar budgets that I was in charge of. These campaigns include:

  • $16 million for a 3M campaign
  • $22 million for an Apple campaign
  • $26 million for a Ford campaign

Your cover letter should also have a closing paragraph with a request for further dialogue including an interview. Your document should not be more than one page long.

It’s also important that you proofread your cover letter before you send it. It doesn’t matter how perfect you are for a job opening; if a hiring manager notices typos and grammatical errors, you’re almost certainly not going to make it past the first look. This is one of the easiest cover letter mistakes to avoid, and it can seriously impact your chances.

Our cover letter samples can help you with each of these key points. Just pick an example that best fits the position you’re aiming for and use our content as a base for crafting your own letter.

Q: Can I use the same cover letter for all my job applications?

Don’t ever use the same cover letter from one job application to another. Everything about your job application, even your resume, should be tailored for each job. The best cover letters highlight skills and experiences that fit the specific job’s requirements.

One of the ways hiring managers can often tell whether job seekers are just using a template is by checking the greeting. Does the letter have the hiring manager’s name, or does it begin with “To whom it may concern” or “Dear sir”? When customizing your letter, be specific in areas such as this. “Dear Mr. [Name]” and “Dear Ms. [Name]” make great salutations.

In many ways, the individuality of your cover letter is one of the things that could be the difference between getting hired and getting passed over. The perfect cover letter gives you the chance to demonstrate how you fit the job and why a company should hire you, so take full advantage and mention qualities about the company that interest you, or point out specific ways in which you can fill the role.

Don’t submit a resume you’ve spent time, effort and substantial thought creating without including a professional customized cover letter. Get started now with our examples, and create your cover letter.

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