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What the best cover letter examples include?

  • 1

    Contact information

    As on your resume, list your contact information on your cover letter, including professional social media links like LinkedIn or a personal website with your portfolio.

  • 2

    Employer information

    Include the employer’s name, title, company and email address.

  • 3


    When possible, direct your cover letter salutation to a specific name instead of using a generic “to whom it may concern.”

  • 4

    Opening Paragraph

    In your cover letter opening, excitedly emphasize your best skill or a career highlight and why this quality or accomplishment fits the position you want.

  • 5

    Body Paragraph(s)

    In the body of your cover letter, emphasize more about your relevant skills that can make a positive impact on the job role that you’re applying for.

  • 6


    Say thank you for the hiring manager’s time and consideration, make a call to action requesting a job interview and include a professional salutation such as, “Sincerely” or “Best Regards.”

Professional cover letter examples for every situation

  • Cover letter builder template example with applicant name in red.

    General Cover Letter Example

    This general cover letter example can accommodate most job applications and job roles.

    Build this cover letter
  • Career change cover letter example

    Career Change Cover Letter Example

    This example does a great job showing how relevant work experience has prepared the candidate for the new role.

    Build this cover letter
  • Letter of interest cover letter example

    Letter of Interest Cover Letter Example

    This example shows how a job seeker can send a powerful message to a prospective employer when no job opening is currently available.

    Build this cover letter
  • Networking cover letter builder example.

    Networking Cover Letter Example

    This is an ideal example of the expression “who you know” when trying to get noticed for an open job role.

    Build this cover letter
  • Reference request cover letter format example.

    Reference Request Cover Letter Example

    This example will show you the professional way to request references to help you land your dream job.

    Build this cover letter
  • Cover Letter Formats Internship

    Internship Cover Letter Example

    This is a great example for any student or recent graduate looking to attain an internship.

    Build this cover letter
  • Military Transition Cover Letter

    Military Transition Cover Letter Example

    This example is written for military veterans looking to catch the eye of prospective employers.

    Build this cover letter
  • Recruiter contact cover letter sample

    Recruiter Cover Letter Example

    This example is a great way to introduce yourself to recruiters who can help you get your foot in the door.

    Build this cover letter
  • Returning to workforce cover letter example

    Returning to Workforce Cover Letter Example

    Use this example to help you word the most effective cover letter after a job absence.

    Build this cover letter

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A compelling cover letter or resume cover page highlights your professional background and your best skills, explaining to a hiring manager why you're the best person for the job. For a guide on how to best present your expertise and experience in your cover letter, use these popular examples. Our dozens of resume cover letter examples cover every major job title and industry and can help you get a jump start on creating your own cover letter.

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FAQ: Cover letter examples

Good cover letter examples for your particular industry and the job you’re applying for will point out important skills and qualifications you need to emphasize in your own cover letter. No matter what job you’re looking at, you should emphasize relevant skills and experiences, and explain to employers that you have the qualifications they want. Looking at great cover letter examples from your specific industry can help you compose a cover letter that leads to a callback.

A cover letter is a business letter that summarizes your career by highlighting your most impressive work experience, education and skills while offering a glimpse into your personality. It accompanies your professional resume and job application. A cover letter shows your interest in the company you are applying to and gives you the opportunity to explain how you’d benefit the company. Looking at cover letter examples for job applications is a great way to start writing your cover letter. If you’re looking to apply for a position within your current company, you can also check out our guide on writing a compelling cover letter for an internal position.

A strong cover letter needs to be short, to the point and clearly communicate what you can bring to a company. Bullet points are a great way to communicate this information easily, especially if you’re adding a lot of information to the cover letter.

Here’s how this might look in an effective cover letter:

In my previous jobs, I was regularly tasked with helping the company manage large sums of money. This includes advertising campaigns with multi-million-dollar budgets that I was in charge of. These campaigns include:

  • $16 million for a 3M campaign
  • $22 million for an Apple campaign
  • $26 million for a Ford campaign

Your cover letter should also have a closing paragraph with a request for further dialogue including an interview. Your document should not be more than one page long.

It’s also important that you proofread your cover letter before you send it. It doesn’t matter how perfect you are for a job opening; if a hiring manager notices typos and grammatical errors, you’re almost certainly not going to make it past the first review.

Our cover letter samples can help you with each of these key points. Just pick an example that best fits the position you’re aiming for and use our content as a base for crafting your own letter. For more tips on how to shape your cover letter, visit our guide on how to write a cover letter.

The three primary parts of a cover letter are known as the 3Ps (three paragraphs): the introduction, the pitch and the conclusion. All cover letters should follow a specific format using the following elements:

  1. Introduction: Write an introductory hook that makes the reader want to continue reading.
  2. Pitch: Write a brief explanation telling why you want to work for the company.
  3. Conclusion: Write a call to action thanking the reader and requesting a job interview.

Just follow these tips on structuring your cover letter and one of our examples to better understand how it works. Sample cover letters give you a quick start to writing a cover letter.

Yes, cover letters are an important part of a job search. A letter allows you to expand on your accomplishments and how your skills will benefit the company. Unless you come across a job description that specifically indicates a cover letter isn’t necessary, you should always assume that a cover letter is required. Even if it isn’t clearly required in the job ad, it can be incredibly helpful to write one to accompany your resume.

Think of your cover letter as an additional tool for your application. When you submit a cover letter with your professional resume, you’re complementing your resume with more information on your background and making a case for how you can help a company.

Good cover letter examples allow you to see what works in the field where you’re hoping to get a job. Our examples feature job-specific details and suggestions that can aid you in creating your perfect letter and separate yourself from the competition.

Just use our examples in conjunction with our professional cover letter builder, which provides step-by-step guidance and tips to write a cover letter from the opening paragraph to closing. Use the right cover letter template for inspiration as well as suggestions that help you zero in on important skills and qualifications you can highlight in a perfect cover letter.

A good cover letter example, especially one written with a specific job in mind, will be filled out with all the sections you need in a cover letter: a header, salutation, opening and body paragraphs, and a closing. Once you have a cover letter example in hand, you should think of it as a foundation for your letter and update the content where needed. For example, if the job you’re looking at stresses customer service, you should update your letter to include an example or two of your customer service skills, or how you showed superior customer service in a previous job. Always customize your letter to fit the job you’re applying for, while keeping to the structure that’s already set up in the letter.

Yes, you can create as many cover letters as you need for different job opportunities! Each company and position has different needs, even if different companies have a job ad for the same job title. The best way to stand out is to tailor each cover letter to that particular position. Using a sample cover letter and our cover letter builder can accelerate the process. With just a few clicks, you can write paragraphs or switch specific sentences aided by expert suggestions from the builder’s A.I.-powered data.

Remember, every good resume deserves to be accompanied by a professional customized cover letter. Get started now with our examples and create your cover letter. Using a cover letter builder can help you create and tailor each cover letter in just minutes. You will get expert suggestions and a professionally designed template to craft an impressive cover letter.

A cover letter should be a one-page document, including the header, salutation, introduction, pitch and conclusion.

Remember that the resume and cover letter are the way to get your foot in the door and get an interview. Point out the best achievements of your career, the best skills you can offer and why you’re interested in this particular company. Check out our article on a cover letter outline for some ideas.

Cover letters are a one page document, generally around 250-400 words. This means that you need to pack a lot of information in a short space. Unless the employer is asking specific questions that need to be answered in the cover letter, you should keep it to 250-400 words. You can do this by following the 3Ps — the introduction, pitch and conclusion — and keeping each to a concise word count.

For example:

Dear Mr. Wayne,

When I learned that Big Tech Company had an opening for a customer service representative, I knew I had to apply. I’ve been using your products as a student and in my personal life for the past decade. I am familiar with the user experience and as a current customer service representative, I can bring my personal knowledge and professional experience to your brand.

For the past year, I’ve been working at Call Center Services, where I handle an average of 30 calls per hour. I assist customers with their issues in the quickest, most accurate way possible. This was noticed by management, who recognized me as the Employee of the Trimester during our summer season and awarded me Excellence in Customer Service at the end of the year. I am a leader among my peers and I am currently studying to become a backend developer — knowing the issues users face have helped in my studies.

My ability to learn quickly, experience in customer service and passion for your product make me an excellent candidate for this role. I look forward to further discussing my qualifications with you at your earliest convenience.

Thanks for your time.

Kathleen Smith

In this example we can see that the writer followed the 3Ps rule.

  • An introductory paragraph stating what they’re applying for and their personal interest in the company.
  • A pitch paragraph where their daily tasks and recognition by management highlight their abilities and skills.
  • A closing paragraph, also known as the final paragraph, on why they’re the best candidate for the position.

If you’re looking to create a straightforward cover letter, focus on including the following in your letter:

  • A statement about who you are (i.e., sales representative) and the specific job you want
  • A few sentences about your top skills and career highlights so far. A single example or two with details (i.e., “I have ten years of experience managing teams of 50+ people”) often goes farther than stating a lot of skills and experiences without context
  • A few reasons why you’re interested in the job and the company, and why you think you’d be the right fit

And that’s it! Make sure you have a professional greeting addressed to the hiring manager’s attention (use hiring manager’s name not Dear Sir,) and closing, and all your contact information is correct, and you have the makings of a good, simple cover letter.

All the elements of a cover letter work together to help show your strengths as a candidate. As a whole, the cover letter can show your attention to detail and give a storytelling side to your accomplishments and skills.

You must included these three elements in your cover letter:

  • What makes you unique for the role
  • How you can benefit the company
  • Your best achievements

Remember, that the cover letter allows you to expand on your resume, showcase your skills and address head on any concerns. It also gives you an opportunity to ask for a job interview.

A cover letter is a good idea even if you have no experience. Focus on your best skills, especially soft skills that are your personality traits and demonstrate your work ethic, such as attention to detail or flexibility. You can also include any key hard skills that you’ve learned through education and other training. Look to feature any volunteer work or extracurricular activities that show you do have experiences that exhibit transferable skills you can bring to the new job role. To make writing your cover letter easier, write your resume first. The cover letter will allow you to expand on the information featured on your resume. Look at all of our industry-specific job cover letter examples.

In a cover letter, you want to show a glimpse of your personality and work ethic. Do not describe your personal appearance (unless it’s a job role as a model) or speak of your personal life. Instead paint a picture about how you developed passion for the industry and job role that you’re applying to. Explain how your best soft skills like organization, problem-solving and listening skills led to success in your current or previous job. Describe how your hard skills like computer knowledge, analytical and project management skills helped to achieve a team project goal in the workplace. Describing yourself through work accomplishments can show you will benefit the prospective employer.

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