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Resume Builder - Make a New Resume in Minutes for Free

Our free online resume builder creates a professional resume in minutes. Use customizable templates and tailor your resume to fit your dream job.

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Get started with our resume builder using these templates

Our online resume builder is designed to help you make a strong professional resume in just a few minutes with expert-guided content and these ATS-friendly templates.

Create a complete resume in just four simple steps

  • 1

    Pick a template

  • 2

    Fill it out with help from our experts

  • 3

    Edit and customize the design as needed

  • 4

    Save and download as many resumes as you want

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Trusted by professionals

Why our professional resume builder is the best

Our Resume Builder service differs from other resume builders because of these unique attributes:

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Expert tips and guidance from professional resume writers

Get resume help with step-by-step instructions and professional tips on how to make your resume the best is can be.

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Professional template designs

Only the best free resume builders allow you to choose from a variety of resume templates to create your resume. Our professionally designed resume templates work across industries, are ATS-friendly and are easy to customize.

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Easy to create, organize and save time

Create a resume using the resume format you need and build a resume online that impresses hiring managers.

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Job-specific suggestions to fill out your resume

Our resume maker suggestions are customized for specific jobs and will help you easily fill out each section of your resume.

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Downloadable in all major formats

Save and create as many versions of your resume as you need for different job opportunities and download them in major file formats, including PDF and MS Word.

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Make a resume with

Join the thousands who've already transformed their job prospects with ease.

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Winning resume examples that will help inspire you

A good example can help take your resume to the next level. Our resume examples are job-specific, written by subject experts and reviewed by Certified Professional Resume Writers.

Do’s and don’ts of a professional resume builder

Here are some tips to help you take full advantage of our Resume Builder.

  • Use the resume builder template and tools, which have been tested with hiring managers and applicants.
  • Take advantage of our job-specific suggestions to fill out your resume.
  • Feel free to customize your resume to address the specific skills and requirements of the job.
  • Use old-school text editors that take hours of work and often result in incompatible file formats.
  • Send your resume without proofreading and reviewing it for errors.
  • Submit the same resume for every job – use the resume builder to create as many versions of your resume as you need.

Get started writing your resume

Follow these steps when using our free resume builder and download a professional resume in just a few clicks.

1. Choose from our professionally designed resume templates.

Pick a template that best fits your personal style and makes the right visual statement for your resume build. You can either use our templates to create whole new resume or load an existing resume, which we’ll import into the template.

2. Add your contact information

To start, fill out your name, contact phone number and email address. This will be featured in your resume headerresume header.

3. Enter your work experience

Tell us the job you’re applying for, and we’ll give you suggestions to help fill out your work history section. Easily add and edit our suggestions, building a complete picture of your past jobs and achievements.

4. Fill in your education section

Add information about your academic background, including your top college or high school experience, as well as any specialized programs or training you’ve received.

5. Highlight your relevant skills

Highlight your relevant skills with concrete resume skills examples. Just like the work experience section, we’ll provide you with lists of skills tailored to the job you’re applying for. Match our recommended skills with your strengths and what the job requires.

6. Complete your summary

The summary will be the first thing a recruiter sees, so make it count. How to write a summary for a resume? Use our suggestions on creating a snapshot of your career and abilities that connects with what the employer seeks.

7. Review and download!

Try out as many resume templates as you want for your document, adjust fonts and colors, add additional sections for areas such as certifications or languages – you can do it all with our Builder. Pass your resume through our spell check tools and download it in any major format you want, whether MS Word or PDF.

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Build a resume in minutes with ResumeHelp

Join the thousands who've already transformed their job prospects with ease.

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More resume help and resources

At ResumeHelp, we offer more than just a resume builder free of charge. We have tips, guides and other how-to articles on creating a strong resume from top to bottom that shows you at your best.

How to Make a Resume

Learn how to make your resume with this resume writing guide. Get examples and tips on how to write your resume to land your dream job.

Resume Examples

Use our job-winning resume examples to build the perfect resume. Browse our professional resumes for tips and advice to land your dream job now.

Resume Formats

There are three types of resume formats - chronological, combination and functional. Use our resume format guide to learn how to pick the right one.

CV vs. Resume Difference

Understanding the difference between a CV vs resume can be part of determining what to submit for a job application. We’ve broken down the key differences.
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Resume Builder

Have questions? We’re here to help.

Resume builder cost can be a touchy issue. Many resume builders trot out phrases like “free online resume builder” or “best free resume builder” only to pull a bait-and-switch, and charge you for downloading a completed resume. So let’s be up-front: You can use ResumeHelp’s resume-building tools to create, preview a resume and download a text version for free.

To download your resume in another format such as MS Word or PDF, you have a few options. For a minimal fee (less than the cost of a cup of coffee!) you can get a trial subscription to our resume building tools, or you can opt for a longer membership. In both cases, you get the freedom to create and download as many resumes as you want in any format.

Try out your resume in different templates to get just the right look, or use our expert suggestions to update your resume for different job opportunities. You also get access to our Cover Letter Builder, which allows you to create professional cover letters that match your resume in style and layout.

From ResumeBuilder.com to Zety, there are a lot of resume builder online options to consider. We recommend our Resume Builder as a great tool for job seekers who want to create an impressive resume, for the following reasons:

1. Build as many resumes as you need

Different jobs and industries will prioritize different qualifications. No matter what your needs are, the ResumeHelp Resume Builder allows you to create and save multiple versions of your resume in one place.

2. Hundreds of job-specific samples

Our library of resume examples is the perfect place to find inspiration and see what others with the same job title are featuring in their resumes. You can also choose any of our resume samples to edit in our Resume Builder.

3. Professional templates for a professional job application

ResumeHelp has dozens of resume templates for you to choose from. They work across jobs and industries, are designed to make it past applicant tracking systems (ATS) and are pre-formatted, so you don’t have to worry about fonts or spacing. We also have matching cover letter templates you can pair with your resume, as well as a cover letter builder to guide you through every step of creating your letter.

4. Suggestions to help you shape your resume

Our resume builder does the heavy lifting by guiding you through each section of your resume. Input all your information, from career history to your top qualifications, and personalize your content with expert phrases, skills and job descriptions specifically generated for your job.

See why many job seekers trust our online resume maker. Try out ResumeHelp’s free Resume Builder online.

For the price, a resume builder service is a strong investment in your future. At ResumeHelp, we are determined to help you succeed by giving you the right resume-builder tools in a single place. You can create different versions of your resume, customize templates to your liking and download your completed resumes in different file formats. You’ll also get your own dashboard, where your resumes and cover letters will be kept safe.

If you’re still on the fence, use our Resume Builder for free and download a text version of your resume without any fees.

Why stare at a blank screen and struggle to create a resume when you can use our Builder and professional resume templates to create a job-winning resume in far less time? All it takes is selecting a resume template and following our step-by-step guidance, and a professional resume will be built before your eyes.

A resume maker is a helpful tool that will improve the quality of your completed resume, which is why so many people use them. If you need inspiration, look at real-world resume examples created using our Builder for nursing, teaching, customer service, graphic design, marketing and many more jobs!

ATS, which stands for Applicant Tracking System, is an automated human resources tool that almost all successful companies use. Here’s why hiring managers use an ATS in the job application process:

  • An ATS scans resumes to instantly select the most qualified candidates.
  • An ATS is programmed to scan for specific resume keywords that match the job posting.
  • An ATS saves a hiring manager time by only passing along the best resumes.

Rest assured, a resume builder will provide you pointers when it comes to matching ATS keywords. Use our resume templates, which are designed for easy scanning by ATS, along with resume samples for specific job titles, which will show you what keywords are common for the job, and how to use them in your own resume.

The information on your resume varies depending on exactly what job you’re applying for and your own background. A resume you’re presenting for an entry-level job will be different from one for a high-ranking job and your resume will be different if you’re changing career paths. Here are some of the pieces of information your resume format will include:

There are other pieces of information you might want to include on a resume (i.e., sections for awards, languages or professional qualifications — check our resume formats guide for more tips) but it’s best to make your resume as concise as possible.

Most resumes are one to two pages long and it’s only under specific circumstances that you will present a resume longer than that. In general, you want to present information in short, concise phrases, often utilizing bullet points. ResumeHelp offers job seekers expert resume tips to make a perfect resume every time.

In today’s job market, it is important to adjust your resume for each job that is being applied for. It’s okay to have a basic resume template at the ready but it should be updated to include pertinent keywords found in the job description. Busy hiring managers rely on applicant tracking systems (ATS) to scan resumes for the most qualified candidates.

Always refer to the job posting and find keywords you can feature throughout your resume. If you are unsure about how to personalize your resume, look at our hundreds of industry-specific resume examples for most job titles.

Every free resume creator will be a little bit different but when you use the ResumeHelp Resume Builder, rest assured that every element of building a resume will be covered. Here’s how our easy resume builder process works:

  • Know what job you’re applying for, what industry that job is in and what the requirements for the job are.
  • Enter your work history, your skills and education, as well as your professional contact information, which may include elements like your social media or LinkedIn profile.
  • Take advantage of our prewritten examples for skills, resume summaries and job responsibilities to help build a resume.
  • Our Resume Builder process is automated so it will request information from you in an easy question-and-answer format.
  • As you fill in this information, you see the different resume sections being built.

During the process, you can edit the wording and change resume templates to your liking. Once your resume is complete, you are ready to submit your resume along with your application.

Cover letters can be as important as resumes when it comes to a job search. Your cover letter serves as a direct introduction to a hiring manager and helps you stand out from other job candidates by showcasing your best qualifications. Whereas your resume is going to be fairly terse, focusing on career highlights, a cover letter offers a peek into who you are as a person and explains to hiring managers why you’re interested in a specific job, and why you’re the best fit.

As cover letters often require more creative writing, it’s useful to look at ResumeHelp’s cover letter examples and cover letter templates to understand what will work best for the cover letter that you’re writing for your specific job application.

To match your resume and your cover letter, use our cover letter builder to create a letter that shares your resume’s color scheme, fonts and layout. Using our Cover Letter Builder gives you access to cover letter templates similar to the templates we use for resumes.

To create a truly great resume in our resume editor, highlight your best accomplishments and most relevant career information to catch the attention of the hiring manager and provide a reason to continue reading. Refer to the job description of the job you are applying for and feature key requirements (specific skills and experiences) in your resume.

These keywords are important in getting a passing grade from applicant tracking systems (ATS) that will scan your resume and seek keywords that describe the perfect candidate. Use an eye-catching format and proofread carefully for typos and grammatical errors. A resume builder is a great way to ensure you produce a great resume now.

A resume builder allows you to craft your own resume immediately but hiring a professional often involves waiting a while for your resume to be written. That means potentially losing out on your dream job if you’re stuck waiting for your resume to be written for you.

With help from a resume builder like ours, you will be taken step by step through the resume writing process in just a few minutes, from picking a resume template to inputting your information and building your own resume from the ground up, all within a few minutes.

In addition, ResumeHelp offers you a trial period to use the resume builder for just a few dollars. In comparison, it costs an average of $295.00 to hire a certified professional writer to craft your resume, as noted by the Professional Association of Writers and Resume Coaches.

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