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A resume builder can be a crucial part of success for many people. How can you use a resume builder to make your resume look professional and eye-catching?



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Hiring managers are looking for extremely specific qualifications when they scan your resume. Most frequently, recruiters are looking to see that you have a specific amount of education, where you’ve worked in the past, what your job titles have been, and how long you’ve been at each place of employment.

These seem like easy things to add to a resume — you just have to put them on a list, right? Well, keep in mind that hiring managers only look at your resume for an average of less than 10 seconds before they decide whether to look further or to move on. That means you need to stand out from the rest of your contemporaries as much as possible with an eye-catching resume that puts your best foot forward.

ResumeHelp’s resume builder can help you do that. Here are a few of the ways our resume builder can help you get noticed.

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An Easy Place to Start Your Resume

It can be extremely difficult to start a resume from scratch. A blank screen can be incredibly daunting, especially if you’ve never created a resume before. If you’re thinking, “How do I even start to build my resume?” ResumeHelp’s resume builder is the perfect place to get started.

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Dos and don'ts for your industry

Different industries prioritize different elements of your resume. For example, if you’re applying to welding jobs, you need to list your certifications. If you’re applying to work as an accountant, you might need to place your work history in finance front and center. Your job and industry will have an impact on the type of resume you need to write.

Over 40,000 job-specific samples

The ability to look at other people’s resume examples can help you get a feel for what you need to feature on your own resume. These tried-and-true resume options can help you master your resume format while also putting your own spin on it. Resume samples for the job you’re pursuing will help you select the perfect resume template, format, and structure.

Professional design templates in many styles

It’s never a bad idea to put your own stylistic flair onto your resume and cover letter. This is why our resume builder offers a number of different professional design templates. These templates all look professional and well put together, but they also have different stylistic choices that allow you to express your personal style and stand out.

Save time to focus on content

A resume builder allows you to save time in the process of building a resume. Instead of taking a long time to choose the style and add in all your information, you just have to fill in the information you’ve already collected about your career history and qualifications. That way, you can focus on making your content personalized to your job search.

A free resume builder isn’t a shortcut; think of it as an extra tool that makes it easier to do the more taxing aspects of the resume. When you create a resume with a resume builder, it can be even more high quality than the resume you would have created yourself, as you get the benefit of input from experts who have plenty of experience in resume writing.

If you want the best resume experience, try out the ResumeHelp resume builder. One try, and you’ll see why so many job seekers trust this resume builder.

FAQ: Resume Builders

Q: Why not just start my resume from scratch?

Professional resume templates give you a great jumping-off point instead of just staring at a blank screen. Plus, the resume builder from ResumeHelp makes it easy for you to fill in all the data you need for a beautiful resume. A resume maker is a helpful tool that will improve the quality of your completed resume, which is why so many people use them.

Q: How do I make an ATS-friendly resume?

ATS, which stands for Applicant Tracking System, is an automated human resources tool that almost all successful companies use. With an ATS, a company is able to look through resumes instantly, choose those that are likely to work for the job, and tag them with keywords, allowing a hiring manager to look through those resumes and choose potential options based on the keywords.

An ATS-friendly resume, therefore, tries to identify the keywords the company will look for to screen for different positions. A resume creator will often give you some pointers when it comes to matching ATS keywords. When you look at existing resume samples, you can also see what keywords are common and stick to those.

Q: What kind of information does a resume need to have?

The information on your resume varies depending on exactly what job you’re applying for and how you’re applying for it. A resume you’re presenting for an entry-level job will be different from one for a high-ranking job, and your resume may change a bit if you’re changing career paths. Here are some of the pieces of information your resume will need:

  • Your name and contact information
  • Work experience, typically with the most recent jobs first
  • Certifications and skills you have that are relevant to the job
  • Education, including high school and college

There are other pieces of information you might want to include on a resume, but typically, you’re trying to shorten the length of the resume as much as possible. Most resumes are only one page long, and it’s only under specific circumstances that you will present a resume longer than that. In general, you want to present information in a resume in short, concise phrases, often utilizing bullet points.

Q: Do I need to personalize my resume for every job?

A few decades ago, it was enough to print out a dozen copies of the same resume and distribute them to all the different places in town to try and get a job. However, in today’s job market, this is no longer the case. When you’re executing a job search, you need to have a basic resume that you personalize and change slightly depending on exactly what job you’re applying for.

This is another reason why you should use a resume creator. When you find a specific job that you want to apply for, you can take a look at the job description, look at existing resume samples, and personalize the resume to your job. It’s much simpler and easier than trying to create those individual personalization options on your own.

Q: How do I use an online resume builder?

Every resume builder will be a little bit different. However, when using the ResumeHelp resume builder, you can be certain that every element will be covered. Before you start the process, you’ll want to know what job you’re applying for, what industry that job is in, and what the requirements for the job are. Then, you’ll want to be prepared to enter your work history, your certifications and education, and your professional contact information, which may include elements like social media.

Now that you have the necessary information at hand, you can start the resume building process. Just follow the steps that the resume builder is requesting from you. ResumeHelp’s resume builder will prompt you to fill in these pieces of information once they come up in different sections of your resume, and you can adjust everything to your liking. There are even pre-written examples for skills, resume summaries, and job responsibilities. Make sure you double-check to make sure that your resume looks perfect once you get to the end. Then you can use this version of your resume as a template to build variations of your resume.

Q: How do I match my resume to my cover letter?

Cover letters are another thing that many people don’t pay enough attention to when it comes to a job search. Your cover letter is what allows you to really stand out and showcase who you are when it comes to the job search. Whereas your resume is going to be fairly terse, with the facts highlighted over anything else, a cover letter instead offers a peek into who you are as a person.

Cover letter templates can be a great option here; you can include all sorts of information through a cover letter builder. Additionally, because cover letters often require more creative writing, you can look at ResumeHelp cover letter examples to understand what will work best for the cover letter that you’re writing for your specific job application.

To match your resume and your cover letter, you want to make sure that you’re using the same color scheme, the same fonts, and the same general layout. If you’re using a cover letter builder, you should choose a cover letter template that looks similar to the template that you used for your resume. As long as you match the layout and the fonts, you’ll have resumes and cover letters that complement each other.

Q: What makes a truly great resume?

The difference between a good resume and a great resume is typically in the details. A resume template can help, and some experience in writing resumes can be beneficial, but no matter how good your resume is, every hiring manager will move on immediately if they notice typos and misspellings when they open it.

Whether you’re looking for your dream job or just something to help you pay the bills, focus on making your resume scan extremely well and be completely free of any typos, misspellings, or grammatical errors. Bullet points and short sentences work extremely well for a quick scan and make it easy for a hiring manager to read through your resume.

When you’re ready to submit a resume to a company, it should be the best resume you can create. Use the ResumeHelp resume builder today to start building your best resume today. Our step-by-step approach and job-specific suggestions will ensure your resume gets the results you are looking for.

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