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Don’t start your curriculum vitae from scratch! Use our professional CV templates to create a CV that’s formatted correctly, uses a professional font and follows industry standards. Just choose your favorite one and start editing!

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Why our CV builder is the best

With tons of online CV makers out there, it might be difficult to find the best one. Here’s why our CV maker is different from the rest!

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Save time with suggested content

Our CV builder gives you expert suggestions, such as a generated resume summary examples or a list of skills, that you can add to your curriculum vitae in just a few clicks.

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Our templates are ATS-friendly

Our CV templates are made by experts with applicant tracking systems (ATS) in mind. They know what fonts to use, what designs to feature and how to organize them.

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Add more sections to your CV

Do you need to add more sections to feature your awards and research? Our CV maker allows you to do that easily.

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Customize your CV design

With just a few clicks, you can change the color, font type and move around sections of your CV to truly make it your own.

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Download in different file formats

Our online CV maker lets you download your curriculum vitae in different formats, from PDF and MS Word to text and JPEG.

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Browse our extensive collection of free CV examples for inspiration.

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Expert CV examples that will inspire you

Not sure where to start? Check our CV samples before diving into our CV maker.

Do’s and don’ts for using our online CV builder

CV writing doesn’t have to be a challenge. Using the expertly designed layouts and tools in our CV builder can help you create the perfect CV for any job application.

  • Make your CV as long as necessary. Our CV maker allows you to add as many pages and sections as you need to highlight your information.
  • Research your industry's standards to ensure you’re following the correct guidelines.
  • Tailor your curriculum vitae to the job description. If you need to create different CVs, our CV builder has a dashboard where you can store every version of your CV.
  • Use a CV if a standard U.S. job application requests a resume. In the U.S., these are two different documents.
  • Include information irrelevant to the job or program you’re applying for.
  • Forget to proofread your CV before submitting it. Our CV maker has a handy spell-checking tool to help you see any typos or grammatical mistakes.
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Resume Help Resources

By analyzing thousands of winning resumes, we were able to build guides to help you build the perfect resume for the job you want.

What Is a CV and What Is It For?

A CV is a longer than a resume, with more extensive information about career and work history, often used in academia and clinical positions.

CV vs. Resume Difference

Understanding the difference between a CV vs resume can be part of determining what to submit for a job application. We’ve broken down the key differences.

CV Formats

Learn how to format different Curriculum Vitae's using our professional examples and trusted templates to land your dream job. Get started now!

How to Write a CV

Follow this simple how to write a CV guide to apply to positions in Academia and other related fields that require a curriculum vitae.
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FAQ: CV maker

Have questions? We’re here to help.

Since CVs are longer than the average resume, using a CV maker gives you the opportunity to easily enter your work history, your certifications and education, and your professional contact information. The automated process of the ResumeHelp Builder will also make it more convenient to find the appropriate format for a curriculum vitae so you can provide the best overview of your academic and employment history.

Our CV Builder, similar to our free Resume Builder, will come with instructions that walk you through every step of creating a CV, from choosing the best CV templates to filling it in with relevant information that matches the job you’re applying for.

A CV maker is a software or online tool that helps you create a curriculum vitae from scratch, providing you with templates to create, save and download a CV. A CV generator also guides you through the writing process, supplying expert tips and text suggestions to help you fill out your CV. Finally, a CV or online resume builder should give you the option of downloading your CV in a recognized file format, such as MS Word or PDF format.

While many online CV builders offer premium features, the best online resume builder and CV maker will give you the flexibility to revise and add content as you wish, expert advice for filling out each section, and a strong CV and resume template that ensures your document looks its best.

No matter your needs, our CV maker allows you to create and save multiple versions of your CV, and produce a clear, easy-to-read CV every time. Your document should be designed to give potential employers the whole picture in a “top-down” approach with relevant sections highlighted accordingly. To make things easier, consider looking at ResumeHelp’s wide selection of template options.

Yes, you should create a matching cover letter for your CV. The objective of your CV is to showcase the skills you have that can help the company that you are applying to, while also explaining why this particular position would be a good fit for your career path. Your cover letter is your chance to provide the relevant background information surrounding these career highlights so both documents should be similar in relevance content and format.

CV examples and templates from the industries you’re interested in and the ResumeHelp Builder options, along with the Cover Letter Builder, can ensure that both format and flow match on all your documents and they will pass any applicant tracking system (ATS).

The purpose of a professional resume is to showcase your most relevant strengths and get you a new job, while the purpose of a CV is to provide a comprehensive overview of your academic and employment history. While both documents can help you show an employer that you’re qualified for a role, the CV is designed to give hiring managers the whole picture of your career trajectory rather than just the information that pertains directly to the job application.

For more on creating a resume online, check our Resume Builder page and How to Make a Resume article. All of our resources are written by career experts who want to see you shine.

A CV in the UK, much like a resume in the United States, is a requirement for any open position and assures a potential employer that you’re qualified for the position. If the details and keywords in your resume directly correlate to the job description, there’s a better chance of landing a job interview.

There are some localization differences though, as a CV in the UK is typically two pages and can include job-relevant hobbies and interests. CVs in the United States most commonly refer to a document requested in the academic, entertainment or international fields as they are based on overall experience and not just relevant aspects of a candidate’s work experience.

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