Making Great Resumes Using A CV Maker

You can write a professional CV. If you are new to writing resumes or switching careers, a CV maker can help you create engaging CVs and resumes.



Table of Contents

  1. CV Maker
  2. CV templates vs resume templates
  3. Why you should use a CV maker
  4. The benefits of using a CV maker
  5. Tips for using a CV maker or a resume builder
Making Great Resumes Using A CV Maker
Making Great Resumes Using A CV Maker
Making Great Resumes Using A CV Maker

CV Maker

There are many ways you can make resume writing easier. For example, there are CV builders and resume makers you can use. These tools can help you create CVs and professional resumes, saving you time and effort. Plus, they can put you ahead of other job seekers vying for the same job as you are.

What’s the difference between a CV and a resume? Recruiters and hiring managers will often ask for a CV if you are applying for a job in the academic, research, scientific and medical fields. Think of a CV as a publication. Applying is similar to getting your paper peer-reviewed. It is a complete and in-depth review of your work experience, education and certifications. 

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CV templates vs resume templates

The term CV stands for “curriculum vitae,” which means “course of life.” For this reason, a CV is often longer. While a resume can fit on one page, a CV is at least two pages long, and oftentimes, much longer. The formats of both CVs and resumes tend to be similar, too. However, a CV tends to be more complete and detailed, while a resume often only includes the highlights of your career. As such, if you are writing a CV in our Resume Builder, use a one-column resume template to create the most effective CV.

Why you should use a CV maker

Anyone can use a CV maker. If you are applying for a professor position with a university or for a research grant, fellowship or similar, you will want to write a CV. A CV maker can make the process much easier and faster. It walks you through the step-by-step process and provides tips and suggestions to create a more effective CV. A CV maker will also have matching cover letter templates so your job application is polished and professional.

The benefits of using a CV maker

You can use Microsoft Word when making your CV. But a CV maker has many advantages over the usual word processor. Let’s take a look at some of the most important advantages.

Quick and easy to use

First and foremost, a CV maker or online resume builder can save you a lot of time and energy. You only need to fill in prompts, answer questions and select a template, and your professional CV is ready to go.

Use the proper CV format

Everyone wants to get their dream job. Using a CV maker can increase your chances of getting noticed by potential employers by suggesting the proper CV format based on your career experience. With a CV maker, you don’t have to worry about following the right CV format. You can simply focus on including all the right information about your career and let the CV maker handle the details. 

Create customized CVs

You always want to customize your CV for each job you are applying for. Scan the job description for keywords that the recruiter used, then use these keywords in your CV. This will increase your chances of getting past an applicant tracking system (ATS) and getting your CV in front of the hiring manager. Plus, the CV maker templates are designed with ATS in mind and can generate a PDF format that is ATS-friendly.

Easily track CVs

Applying for different jobs often means juggling customized CVs. A CV maker like ours at ResumeHelp saves your CVs for you, so that you can easily organize and keep track of them.

Create a matching cover letter 

For every job you apply for, you want to include a professional cover letter. A CV maker includes several other tools, including a cover letter builder. If you select a design for your CV, the tools will create a matching cover letter design for you. This will make a more effective job application.

Tips for using a CV maker or a resume builder

Here are some tips for you to get the most out of a CV maker:

Try several templates

When using an online CV maker, you can choose from the best resume templates. CV makers and free resume builders often come with many professional resume templates and even resume samples. You can view your CV in several different templates until you land on the perfect resume format to fit your needs.

Play around with resume design 

The design and layout of your professional CV are one of the more important elements of writing an effective CV. With a CV maker, you can easily make your resume visually appealing to a hiring manager to entice them to read your entire CV, thus increasing your chances of getting a job interview. Additionally, a good CV layout portrays your skills, such as attention to detail, which are highly valued in a competitive job market. The graphic design of the CV can be adjusted in a CV maker without a need for a graphic designer.

Check out other tools

When using a CV builder, consider looking at other included tools, such as CV templates, CV examples, CV designs, expert advice and use the ResumeHelp Cover Letter Builder to match your cover letter template to your CV.

Include all the right information 

When you’re writing your CV, you want it to be your very best. You need to include the right details while making your CV enticing and readable to the recruiter. Using a CV maker helps you focus on the most important aspects of your work experience, including your research work. The CV maker will prompt you with questions and structure your information in the best possible way.

If you want to create a CV to get your dream job, consider using a CV maker. A CV maker will choose the best design and layout to present your academic or research career information effectively, while having an ATS-friendly template to help keep your job search short.

Making Great Resumes Using A CV Maker

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