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When you’re pursuing a new job, it’s not enough to make your resume “just okay.” Your resume must stand out from all the other resumes that may look very similar to it. After all, most hiring managers are making a choice whether to bring you in for an interview based on a few seconds worth of reading.

This is why a professional resume sample can help so much. Our examples will give you what you need to catch your hiring manager’s eye. With our resume examples, you can see what will put you at the top of the list, creating a good resume from a single glance.

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Professional Resume Examples That Use the Right Words

Jump-start your resume with our wide range of examples written by expert resume writers, covering a variety of industries and positions. You’ll find the exact words you need, all presented in eye-catching resume templates. Often, hiring managers use their expertise rather than a written list of words, and the words they’re looking for vary depending on the resume. Each job-specific resume example pinpoints skills and responsibilities that reflect what hiring managers want, and are organized for quick scanning.

Match Skills and Experiences With Your Dream Job

You shouldn’t submit the same resume to every job. Generic resumes will look cookie-cutter and be less attractive to a hiring manager. To get the most out of your resume, tailor it with the right qualifications for the specific position you’re applying for. Just follow the lead of our resume examples, which show how you can build a unique resume no matter what position you want.

Resume Section

Scan Easily From a Recruiter’s Viewpoint

It’s important to remember that it isn’t the applicant’s viewpoint that really matters. It’s all about what a recruiter sees in the resume once you’ve submitted it. This may include keywords regarding your job history, a well-ordered skill list, and a resume that’s eye-catching but not distracting. The resume samples on our website are vetted from a recruiter’s viewpoint, so you can be confident that you’re catching the right person’s eye.

Resume Templates

Understand Your Resume for a Specific Industry

Your resume will look different depending on the job or industry you’re pursuing. Someone seeking a career in the field of health care, for example, will have a resume that looks dramatically different from someone pursuing a position as a CFO for a startup. Our wide variety of resume examples will guide you toward creating the right resume for your industry and the job you want.

Resume Template

Complete Your Resume Quickly

You don’t need any design or layout experience to use our resume examples. Choose a template that matches your style, and select the resume sample that fits the job you want. From there, use the content in the example to help you complete a resume that matches your skills and work experience. You can create and customize as many resumes as needed for different jobs.

Remember, your resume needs to be both unique and in line with other resumes. This is why it’s so essential to utilize great resume samples and templates. You want your resume to stand out enough for a hiring manager to give it a second look, and you need to showcase your unique talents and abilities as well as the necessary skills and experiences for your desired job.

If you don’t know much about writing a resume, that’s all the more reason to utilize a resume example. With a resume example, you can take your resume from basic and bare-bones to exciting and holding the potential for a real job.

FAQ: Resume Examples

Q: What is a resume example?

A resume example is a fully completed resume that shows you what your resume should look like. This may be a real person’s resume that was utilized to get a job, or it may be a resume created for a hypothetical job seeker. Either way, a resume sample should help you understand what hiring managers are looking for, pointing you in the right direction for putting together your own resume.

With over 10 million resumes produced, we’re experts when it comes to creating a resume. We’ve pulled together 50,000 samples organized by industry and position to help you create your resume. You can use as much of a sample as you need or use them as inspiration for your own document. The important thing is that these samples will make it easier to complete your own and ensure you’re using the correct language to land that perfect job.

Q: Why should I use resume examples?

If you’ve never used resume samples before, you might wonder why they’re important. After all, can’t you just use a general resume template that you find somewhere online? Although this can help you get a general understanding of how a resume functions, generic resume examples won’t provide the same high-quality material that a job-specific resume example will.

Our resume examples are proven to open recruiter doors and land jobs. They are tailored for every industry and position and are also reviewed by resume-writing professionals to make sure they meet recruiter needs. Plus, they ensure you don’t need graphic design skills to create an eye-catching resume. That means you’ve got a head start on writing a resume that has the right verbiage for each section, from the summary statement to your work history.

Q: How do I use a resume example?

The first step is to select a resume example that matches your industry and position. Next, look into a sample that is a good fit with your experience. If you have less experience, for example, you should consider a resume that stresses skills and training that fit the job. If you have more experience, you’ll want to look at resumes that have a more robust work history section.

A good resume sample will also clue you in on what’s important in your industry right now, from key skills to important experiences and accomplishments. Once you’ve chosen a sample, customize and update it to feature your own career highlights and qualifications while emulating the style, language and overall approach.

Q: What are the best resume formats in 2022?

Recruiters generally consider the reverse-chronological format (also known as the chronological resume format) to be the best format. In a reverse-chronological resume, work history is prominently displayed, with your most recent position first, followed by previous positions. This format is particularly beneficial if you have many years of experience and are applying for a higher-level job.

The functional resume format focuses on skills and training rather than work history. It’s best for those with employment gaps or those who are trying to manage a career change because it focuses on abilities you can bring to the table. However, many recruiters find this resume format challenging to read and parse, which is why they often prefer the chronological or combination format.

The combination resume, also called the hybrid resume, blends the functional and reverse-chronological formats, presenting your skills first, followed by a brief work history. This allows you to highlight your skills while also giving recruiters an idea of how you’ve used these skills in past jobs. This format is also good for those looking into a career change.

All three of these resume formats are appropriate depending on the situation, so take time to consider which one is right for your needs. Whatever format you choose, we have a multitude of resume examples and writing guides for many different industries and positions in all three formats. Use the resume template and samples that best fit your chosen approach.

Q: What information should I include on my resume?

The information you need to include on your resume will depend on the industry you’re interested in as well as anything that’s considered best practice in your specific industry. Here are a few of the things human resource managers are looking for:

  • Contact information, which may include job networking profiles such as a link to your LinkedIn profile
  • Work experience, including your specific job title and your professional achievements and important duties for the job
  • Your education credentials, including your college degree and any training or specialized coursework related to the job
  • List of applicable skills, including soft skills and hard skills
  • Certifications and other professional experiences relevant to the desired job

A cover letter may also be necessary for your job search. Even if the company doesn’t specifically note in their job description that they want a cover letter, they may expect one regardless. It’s considered good form to write a cover letter for a job posting, so adding a cover letter to your resume is never a bad thing, especially if you’re applying for anything above an entry-level job. Just as with our resume examples, use our cover letter examples to put together your best cover letter.

While all of the above gives you a blueprint to work with, our resume examples will take you the rest of the way with their job and industry-specific information. Use this information as a base to create a resume that’s easy for a hiring manager to scan and contains the information they’re looking for.

Q: Is ResumeHelp’s Builder Free?

You can use our Resume Builder and templates for free. This will help you understand how to use the tool and the best ways it can be used to shape your content. However, to download, save and create multiple versions for each job application, you will need to become a subscriber. Subscriptions begin at $2.90 for 14-day full access.

With over 10 million resumes created, we have examples that provide just the right words that fit your resume and match your target job. Get started on your next career move now and create your resume.

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