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300+ Resume Examples and Guides for Any Job in 2023

Use our free resume examples to create your best resume. Our resume samples and guides will provide the tips and guidance you need.

Academic Resume Examples

An academic resume will show you how to highlight your educational background, research experience and academic achievements. From our student resume example to our PhD resume sample, you can get an idea of how to tailor your resume for different academic positions.

Educational resume example using the Empire template.


Use this education resume sample to showcase important skills.

Resident Assistant resume example using the Providence template.

Resident Assistant

Create a strong resume with the help of our resident assistant resume sample.

Business Resume Examples

Craft a compelling business resume by leveraging our diverse range of samples as a foundation. Explore our extensive collection, which encompasses various areas such as accounting, administration, finance, and real estate. These resume examples will provide you with valuable insights and serve as inspiration for your own impressive resume in the field of business.

Account Executive resume example.

Account Executive

Find resume writing inspiration to land that account executive job.

Administrative Assistant resume example using the Empire template.

Administrative Assistant

Show off your organization skills with an administrative resume sample that stands out.

Caretaker Resume Examples

Create a strong resume by reviewing some caretaker resume samples to get an idea of how to highlight your professional skills and experience in the most effective way.

Stay-at-Home-Mom resume example.

Stay At Home Mom

Learn what to include in your resume if you’re a stay-at-home parent.

Nanny resume example with color top border.


A good balance of soft skills and technical skills will make your nanny resume stand out.

Creative Resume Examples

Use a creative resume template and example to create a standout creative resume. Whether you’re searching for marketing resume, design or writing, below you’ll find the inspiration you need to make an eye-catching resume.

Acting resume example using Kingfish template.


Whether you’re in theater or film, our acting resume sample will help set the stage for your career.

Cook resume examples document.


Match your creativity with key technical skills to create an impressive cook resume.

Education Resume Examples

To create a strong education resume, review some examples specific to your area of teaching, such as elementary education, secondary education or special education.

Elementary Teacher resume example.

Elementary Teacher

Craft a well-rounded resume with key skills for teaching in an elementary school.

Special Education Teacher resume example using the Empire template.

Special Education Teacher

Showcase your knowledge and skills following our expert resume sample.

Healthcare Resume Examples

When creating a health care resume, reviewing relevant medical resume examples and nursing resume examples can provide guidance on how to effectively present your experience and skills, as well as provide insight into the most effective resume format to use for your desired position.

Case Manager resume example.

Case Manager

Show you’re ready to handle the demands of case management with our resume sample.

Medical resume example using the Kingfish template.


Create a strong resume that focuses on your certifications and technical skills to get hired.

Office Support Resume Examples

Our administrative resume samples provide the perfect guide for your resume. Review some sample resumes specific to your desired role, such as administrative assistant, receptionist or executive assistant.

Administrative Assistant example resume for office support using the Empire template.

Administrative Assistant

Highlight top skills like communication and attention to detail to impress recruiters.

Personal Assistant resume example using the Cinematic template.

Personal Assistant

Show off a mix of interpersonal and organizational skills by following our sample resume.

Other Resume Examples

Review one of our examples free of charge and get ready to impress. Here you can find everything from samples of a resume with no experience to construction resume examples and more.

Athlete resume example using the Craftsman template.


Use our tips to capture your experience and list of skills.

Logistics resume example using the Bedrock template.


Whether you’re a project manager or logistics coordinator, here’s what you need to do to create a great resume.

Public Safety Resume Examples

Our public safety resume samples showcase a candidate's experience in law enforcement or emergency response fields and relevant skills such as crisis management or risk assessment. Reviewing sample resumes specific to the desired field can provide guidance on the most effective resume format and layout to use.

Police Officer resume example using the Blueprint template.

Police Officer

Advance in your career using our police officer sample resume as a starting point.

Correctional Officer resume example.

Correctional Officer

Show you can perform well in pressure situations following our expert firefighter resume sample.

Sales Resume Examples

Sales resumes are designed to showcase a candidate's ability to drive revenue and build relationships with clients through effective communication, persuasion and negotiation. From customer service resume examples to food service resume examples, we have what you need to build a professional sales and customer service resume.

Car Salesman resume example using the Greetings template.

Car Salesman

Write the perfect resume using our resume sample as a base.

Leasing consultant resume example using the Angora template.

Leasing Consultant

Impress recruiters and land that managerial position with our sample resume.

Technical Resume Examples

Technical and information technology resume examples demonstrate job seekers’ technical skills and experience. Reviewing sample resumes tailored to the desired field can provide insight into effective presentation of experience, skills and the most effective resume format to use.

Logistics resume example using the Empire template.


Showcase your specialized knowledge and skills with the aid of our perfect resume example.

Game design resume example using the Empire template.

Game Design

Match your creativity with key technical skills to create an impressive game design resume.

See our favorite resume examples

Creating a resume is about highlighting your best skills and work history. Get the most eyes on your resume by using our examples of resumes with their exclusive layouts, and craft a resume guided by expert suggestions. These are some of our favorite examples:

Teacher Resume

Create a resume that will help you make a difference in students’ lives. Guided by expert suggestions, you can complete this resume in a few minutes with our resume builder. Learn more about how to craft an effective teacher resume.

Customer Service Resume

Take your career to the next level with a resume highlighting your skills and accomplishments. In minutes, you can write a customized customer service resume in our Resume Builder.

Sales Resume

A professional resume helps you sell the best product you got: you! With our resume builder, you can create an effective resume to advance your career. You can get started here.

Find examples based on your job search

Not all resumes are created equal. Our resume sample database provides a host of resumes for every profession out there. Search by job title and then narrow it by industry and position to find the resume example that’s right for you. You can create your own resume through the resume builder or use it as inspiration to craft your own.

Accounting resume examples

You’ve completed your degree and you’ve got the skills: good communication, compliance knowledge, data analysis and attention to detail. Are you missing any? Use our resume example to see what others are including in their accounting resumes.

Administrative resume samples

Organized multitaskers that know what’s needed before it becomes an active need. Administrating executive calendars, business ventures and the ins and outs of other industries requires many skills. Find an administrative resume to help create yours with the most sought skills.

Banking resume examples

The banking industry requires you to be good with numbers and great with people. Be inspired by banking resumes samples from different positions and add the skills you need for an effective resume.

Business resume samples

A few skills used in business are interpersonal communication, marketing knowledge and sales experience. Learn more about skills, education and experience others use in these business resume samples.

Child Care resume examples

An in-demand industry seeking professionals with experience in early education, childhood communication and nutrition. See how others in the child care industry have prepared their resumes.

Communication resume samples

Communication professionals are always in demand whether you work in media, marketing, a corporate office or other industries. Use a communication resume sample according to your industry and position to create an effective resume.

Construction resume examples

You can create with your hands, manage time to deliver a great product and know how to communicate with coworkers and managers effectively. Check out other skills and certifications workers in the construction industry have on their resumes.

Cosmetology resume samples

Your artistry and people skills can bring out the best in anyone. Highlight your abilities and expertise by using a cosmetology resume sample to craft your own professional resume.

Customer Service resume examples

An in-demand career that is usually the face of a company. Check out what others have added to their customer service resume: from multitasking, good listening skills, effective communication to marketing certifications.

Food Service resume samples

Certified in food management, creative problem solving and active listening are some skills used by those in the food service industry. Which are yours? You can use these food service resume samples to create an effective resume that includes the skills you need at the position and level you want.

Education resume examples

Educators, whether in the classroom or in administration, are passionate about their students’ progress. Their skill helps them succeed and their experience can set them apart. You can see how others have used their education resume to advance their careers.

Engineering resume samples

You’ve tinkered with electronics, cars, software and more. Why not tinker with your resume? Aided by these engineering resume samples, you can craft an effective resume highlighting the skills and experience needed for the position you seek.

Legal resume examples

If you’re seeking to jump start your legal career or be promoted to the next level, you must check out these legal industry resume samples. See what others have included in their resume that could be missing from yours.

Marketing resume samples

You can analyze data to create a great marketing plan. Take some time to analyze these marketing resume samples and see what’s missing from yours. Craft an effective resume in our builder.

Medical resume examples

Whether you work in records, as a coder, biller or office specialist, these medical samples can help you. You can find one suitable for the position you’re seeking and use it as a guide to creating one on your own or in our builder.

Nursing resume samples

You can find the right nursing resume sample for a career that continues to be in demand. Whether you’re interested in working in a hospital, a home, as a traveling nurse or if you’re starting as a nurse assistant, find a nursing resume sample that will help you create yours.

Public relations resume examples

Maintaining the image of a company, finding good causes to contribute to and crafting the public face of a business requires many skills. See which ones others in your industry have included with the help of these public relations resume samples.

Real Estate resume samples

Finding a forever home, selling property, and managing real estate requires a variety of skills. See which ones are missing from your resume with the help of these real estate resume samples.

Science resume examples

If you’re in the science field, either as an educator, coordinator, academic advisor or in some other capacity, you can find a science resume sample in the field and level you’re interested in and use it as a guide to creating your own effective resume.

Security resume samples

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the security industry has an expected growth in jobs of 15% over the next decade. See how others in the industry are crafting their resume through our security examples. Make it easier to create an effective resume.

Software resume examples

Your creative problem solving, willingness to try-and-fail and the ability to document for others make you a great software developer. If you’re seeking to advance your career, check out these software resume samples and use them as a guide to craft a professional resume.

Social Work resume samples

Balancing the law, family welfare and different backgrounds with empathy is challenging. These are some of the skills used daily in social work. See what other skills, certifications and experiences others have used in these professional social work resume samples.

Select from hundreds of resume examples

Professional people who benefit from our resume examples.

When you’re pursuing a new job, it’s not enough to make your resume “just okay.” Your resume must stand out from other resumes, and quickly: after all, most hiring managers are making a choice whether to bring you in for an interview based on a few seconds worth of reading. This is where our professional resume examples come in.

Jump-start your resume with our wide range of sample resumes written by expert resume writers covering a variety of industries and positions. Each job-specific resume example pinpoints skills and responsibilities that reflect what hiring managers want and are organized for quick scanning. Get to the next level of your career by using our resume examples and resume templates as a guide in crafting your resume.

Don’t skip the cover letter

Remember to pair up your resume with an equally professional cover letter. Check out those cover letter examples and cover letter templates to find one that works for you.

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Use resume samples built for specific jobs

Excited woman holding a resume.

Make your resume original

Don’t waste time reading through resumes that have nothing to do with your target job. (After all, you wouldn’t submit the exact same resume to every job out there.) Avoid a “generic” resume that will only look like a cookie-cutter document to a hiring manager.

Find a resume example for your job description

Our examples will show how you can build a unique resume no matter what position you want. These samples are created for specific jobs, featuring the important skills and attributes you should strive to include in your own resume. Use our resume samples as a guide to creating your own effective resume in our resume builder.

Resume examples that use the right words

Professional using a resume example with the right words.

Knowing exactly what to write in a resume can be difficult, but our sample resumes can ease the burden. Each of our examples features job descriptions, action verbs and skills written by career experts that match what employers are looking for, presented in the words and terminology with which they are familiar.

Use our examples and our builder to create your resume fast

Crafting a resume is easy with these resume samples – but you can get an extra boost with Resume Help’s Resume Builder. Use our sample resumes with our builder and you’ll get expert suggestions that will make your resume stand out, creating an effective resume in a few steps. The builder is free to try!

Resume samples that appeal to recruiters

Man smiling after exploring resume examples.

It’s important to remember that when it comes to resumes, it’s all in the eye of the beholder – that is, the recruiter or hiring manager reading your resume. They’ll be looking for keywords regarding your job history, a well-ordered skill list, and a resume that’s eye-catching but not distracting. Our resume samples are vetted from a recruiter’s viewpoint, so you can be confident that you’re catching the eye of the person who really counts.

Examples targeted for specific industries

Your resume will be different depending on the job or industry you’re pursuing. Someone seeking a career in health care, for example, will have a resume that looks dramatically different from someone pursuing a position as a CFO for a startup. You can search for a resume example created specifically for the job you want. Our wide variety of example resumes will guide you toward creating the right resume for the industry and job you want.

Complete your resume quickly

You don’t need any design or layout experience to use our resume examples. Once you select the resume sample that fits the job you want, choose a resume template that matches your style, and use the content in the example to help you craft a resume that presents your best, most relevant skills and work experience. If you use our resume builder, you can create, customize and save as many resumes as you need for different job opportunities.

If you don’t know much about writing a resume, that’s all the more reason to utilize a good resume example. With a resume example, you can take your resume from basic and bare-bones to exciting and informative, giving you your best shot for the job you want.

Resume examples

Have questions? We’re here to help.

What is a resume example?

A resume example is a fully completed resume that shows you what your resume should look like. This may be a real person’s resume that was utilized to get a job or a resume created for a hypothetical job seeker. Either way, a resume sample should help you understand what employers are looking for, pointing you in the right direction for putting together your own resume.

With over 10 million resumes produced, we’re experts when it comes to creating a resume. We’ve pulled together hundreds of resume samples organized by industry and position to help job seekers. These samples will make it easier to create a great resume and ensure you’re using the correct language to land that perfect job.

Why should I use resume examples?

If you’ve never used resume samples before, you might wonder why they’re important. After all, can’t you just use a general resume template that you find somewhere online? Although this can help you understand how a resume functions, generic resume templates don’t provide the same high-quality content that a job-specific resume example will.

Our examples are:

  • Proven to open recruiter doors and land jobs
  • Tailored for every industry and position
  • Reviewed by resume-writing professionals
  • Provide the right content for each section

How do I use a resume example for my job application?

Think of an example as a guideline that will help you create your own resume. You’ll see what similar candidates feature on their resume as well as what the hiring managers are looking for. Follow these four steps to tailor our examples to match your needs.

  1. Select a resume example that matches your industry and position.
  2. Choose a resume sample that is a good fit for your experience.
  3. Copy the information from the resume example while paying close attention to adjusting the contact, work history, and education sections.
  4. Customize the resume with your own career highlights and qualifications. Make sure to update your skills if they differ from those on the resume sample. You may need to include more skills and experience depending on how complex the job and industry is your applying to.

What are the best resume formats in 2023?

The best resume format in 2023 is typically the chronological format. Although there are 3 main types of resume formats and the one that highlights your strengths is the best for you to use. Find out what each format includes to decide:

The chronological format highlights your work history. This format lists your work history in reverse-chronological order, starting with your most recent job. It works best for individuals with over 10 years of experience.

The functional resume format focuses on skills rather than work history. It’s best for those with employment gaps or trying to manage a career change because it focuses on abilities you can bring to the table. However, many recruiters find this resume format challenging to read and analyze, which is why they often prefer the chronological or combination format.

The combination resume, also called the hybrid resume, blends the functional and chronological formats, presenting your skills first, followed by a brief work history. This allows you to highlight your skills while also giving recruiters an idea of how you’ve used these skills in past jobs. This format is also good for those looking for a career change.

All three resume formats are appropriate depending on the situation, so take time to consider which one is right for your needs. Whatever format you choose, we have a multitude of resume examples and writing guides for many different industries and positions in all three formats. Use the resume template and samples that best fit your chosen approach.

What information should I include on my resume?

The information you need to include on your resume will depend on the industry you’re interested in, as well as anything that’s considered best practice in your specific industry. Here are a few of the things hiring managers look for:

  • Contact information, which includes job networking profiles such as a link to your LinkedIn profile
  • Work experience, including your specific job title, professional achievements, and important duties for the job
  • Your education credentials, including your college degree and any training or specialized coursework related to the job
  • List of applicable skills, including soft skills and hard skills
  • Certifications and other professional experiences relevant to the desired job

While all of the above gives you a blueprint to work with, our examples will take you the rest of the way with their job and industry-specific information. Use this information as a base to create a resume that’s easy for a hiring manager to scan and contains the information they’re looking for.

Should I include a cover letter with my resume?

A cover letter is always beneficial to include on any job application. Even if the company doesn’t specifically note in their job description that they want a cover letter, they may expect one regardless. It’s considered good form to write a cover letter for each job posting, especially if you’re applying for anything above an entry-level job. As with our resume samples, we offer hundreds of cover letter examples to put together your best cover letter.

If you’re not sure what information to include in your cover letter, our Cover Letter Builder provides pre-written options for you to include and then customize to fit the job ad. You can also be sure to match your resume to your cover letter with our cover letter templates.

How do I make the best resume in 2023?

A resume that can get you hired will be the one that showcases your skills and addresses the company’s needs. This is why it’s important to always tailor your resume to each company and to research the company before you start writing.

You must also quantify your achievements, as numbers help tell your story and include a combination of soft skills and hard skills. Once you have this process down, submitting your resume will be a faster process. You can review our How to Make a Resume article for more details from resume writing experts that will help you craft the best resume for your dream job.

While content is key, how it is presented can also have a lasting impact. A pop of color, a sleek design and a professional yet different font can make all the difference while creating a visually appealing resume.

What are five things to write on a resume?

These are the five essential resume sections:

  • Header — This section will contain your name and contact information.
  • Resume Summary or Objective — Under the header, you will have the resume summary or resume objective. Use a resume objective if you’re applying for your first job, switching industries or returning to the workforce. You will learn about your goals in the industry and the skills you can offer. If you have experience applying to a job in the same industry, you will need a resume summary.
  • Work History — If you’re using a chronological or combination resume, this section will be the centerpiece of your resume. Make sure you quantify your accomplishments and add your achievements instead of the day-to-day tasks. If you use a functional resume, this section may be titled “Relevant professional experience.
  • Skills — Using a bullet list, add the best skills. Tip: use the same wording from the job posting if possible.
  • Education — As for the education section, you can include courses or degrees you’re still completing; just add the expected completion date.

Is a cover letter necessary?

Yes. A resume encapsulates your work history and skills, but a cover letter can expand on your skills and can connect with the recruiter on a human level. If you do not have experience or if this is your first time writing one, a cover letter can convey your willingness to learn, approach your lack of experience head on and leave an impression on the hiring manager.

Writing a cover letter does not have to be complicated. You can use a cover letter example to get inspired or, even better, use a cover letter builder to craft it.

How do I write a resume for a job?

Before you start writing, you must learn what you should include on your resume. It’s essential to tailor your resume to each particular job post. The easiest way to do that is by using a resume builder.

A resume builder can take care of all the details for you. With a builder, you just make choices, like selecting a template and a format, and put in your information. In minutes, you’ll have an effective resume that can be customized over and over again. It also ensures your resume is ATS-compliant and meets the current HR standards.

Avoid resume mistakes like focusing on the wrong content and using poor grammar and not utilizing the spell check within our Builder.

What should be the first thing on my resume?

The first thing on your resume should be the header with all your contact information. After the header, you should have an eye-catching resume summary or objective.

A resume summary encapsulates your strongest skills and most important achievements in about three to five sentences. A resume objective tells the employer what skills you offer and your goal in that particular industry. If you’re applying for a job within the same industry, use a resume summary. If you’re starting your career or switching industries, use a resume objective.

Is ResumeHelp’s Resume Builder free?

You can use our professional Resume Builder and templates for free. This will help you understand how to use the tool and the best ways it can be used to shape your content. However, you will need to become a subscriber to download, save, and create multiple versions for each job application. Subscriptions begin at $2.90 for a 14-day full access pass, which allows you to create and download as many resumes as you want.

Our examples have been used to create over 10 million resumes. Each resume provides the right words that fit your resume and match your target job. Get started on your next career move now and create your resume.

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