In order to land your target job, you’ll need to demonstrate you have the skills your employers are looking for. To do that, you’ll have to create a resume that’s complete, detailed, and in perfect alignment with the requirements of the position. Because most employers have a large pool of candidates to sift through, you won’t even get past the first gate unless your resume contains one essential quality: memorability. Here are a few tips for crafting a truly unforgettable resume skill section.

Move Past the Obvious

For almost any professional job except those at the bottom rung of the entry level, certain skills are considered essential and more or less universal. There’s no need to boast about or even mention your basic familiarity with the MS Office suite. This won’t set you apart, and neither will spoken and written communication skills or leadership skills. If you really do stand out in these areas, be specific.

Don’t Ramble

Too often, resume skills sections become long, forgettable laundry lists. If your section is becoming a bland list of empty words, change course. Delete most of the items on the list and leave only the ones that truly leave a mark. For example, it’s fine to mention CPR certification or CNC programming experience. Better a short list of unusual skills than a long list of words that flow together and blur in a reader’s memory.

Stay Relevant

Reserve the first lines of your skills section for the skills that bear the most relevance to your target job. Choose the software proficiencies, language skills, artistic skills, and clinical skills that will bring the greatest benefit to your potential employers. Toward the end of the list, you can include personal projects, sports, travel, or indirectly relevant areas of expertise. For any other problems that you might have with your resume, be sure to use our resume builder’s resume builder tool. We’re here to help ensure the rest of your resume looks as great as the skills section.

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