Your resume offers a kind of point-by-point list, or a fact-sheet detailing the kind of work you’ve done in the past and the level of responsibility you’re able to accept in the future. It’s a formal report that’s easy to read, easy to skim, and easy to compare with the profiles of other candidates. And if it’s working the way it should be, your readers will quickly find most of the information they need. In order to make that happen, your resume needs to provide accessible, straightforward answers to the four questions on this resume checklist. _Do You Have Any Formal Training in This Specific Area or Field?_ Your education section will answer this question. And no matter where you’ve gone to school or what degrees you hold, the answer will usually be Yes. Even if the job requires a degree in one area and you majored in a completely different subject, your formal training left you with skills and information that will support success in whatever job you choose to pursue. _Have You Done This Type of Work Before?_ Since companies and business models vary widely, your answer will probably be Yes sort of. You’ve done work that’s similar in some ways. You’ve done work that seems to be related; after all, you don’t yet fully understand how this company works and what will be expected of you there. But the explanation you provide in your work history section will help your reader fill in the gaps. _What Can You Do That Nobody Else Can? What Special Skills Can You Bring to The Team?_ Your skills section will list and explain the strengths and specific abilities that you bring to the table. Use this section to help you stand out. _Why Should This Employer Choose You Over Someone Else?_ Find a way to answer this question in your summary section, and back up your answer using the subsections that follow. The summary must be short and to the point, so don’t waste a single word. Make sure every statement supports your case. Use this and the other key points discussed here to guide you when constructing a great resume in Resume Builder.

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