Make Sure This Four Points Are in Your Resume Checklist

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Your resume offers a kind of point-by-point list, or a fact-sheet detailing the kind of work you’ve done in the past and the level of responsibility you’re able to accept in the future. It’s a formal report that’s easy to read, easy to skim, and easy to compare with the profiles of other candidates. And if it’s working the way it should be, your readers will quickly find most of the information they need.

In order to make that happen, your resume needs to provide accessible, straightforward details that will answer the prospective employer’s question.

Resume checklist

Use the following resume checklist to make sure your resume hits all the right marks.

  • Eye-catching resume summary

    The resume summary (or resume objective, if you’re entry-level) is the first section employers will read. Include your top skills and experience relevant to the job to catch their attention. Hiring managers spend less than a minute reviewing resumes, so make sure this introductory paragraph is only two-to-three sentences long.

  • Relevant work experience

    A key component of any resume is relevancy. Don’t include work experience that doesn’t relate in some way to the job you’re applying for. To make your work history section better, focus on work accomplishments instead of mundane tasks. Did you help increase sales? Were you a fast waiter? Did your negotiation skills increase company revenue? These things matter and will help future employers know what you’re capable of achieving.

  • Well-balanced list of skills

    Your skills section will list and explain the strengths and specific abilities that you bring to the table. Include 8-10 hard skills and soft skills, always ensuring they’re relevant to the job.

  • Formal training and education

    While not all careers require you to have a specific degree, some employers will be looking for candidates with specific training or educational background. Highlight in your education section any training, degrees or certificates you obtained that are relevant and important to the job to increase your chances of getting hired.

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At ResumeHelp, we have extra resources to make sure your resume checklist includes all the important details and more.

Maria Correa Profile
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