Top Job Search Sites and Tips

There are many sites you can use to search for jobs, so where do you start? Here are the top three sites you can use for an effective job search.

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  • Job Search
  • Job Search
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Job Search

The job search process can be intimidating and daunting for most job seekers, regardless of their level of experience or career path. From freshly graduated professionals applying to entry-level jobs to seasoned veterans with years of experience looking to advance their careers, the job search process can demotivate professionals if not done correctly.
But that doesn’t have to be the case when you’re looking for a new job. When you use the right strategies, the online job search process can be exciting and lead to a great full-time employment opportunity.
On this page, we’ll cover the right steps to begin your job hunt including:
  • The strategies you should follow for finding a job
  • How to carry out a job search and land your next position quickly
  • The top places to search for jobs online
  • How to find a job in a field that you actually like

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FAQ: Job Search

Q: What should I do if I'm having trouble finding a job?

Besides searching online for the job title that you are looking to gain employment with, you can also reach out to your connections and industry colleagues. This can be accomplished by posting on your social media platforms, sending emails or even calling your contacts by phone. Job opportunities come available on a daily basis so stay focused until an open vacancy is presented to you. Also, be sure that your current resume and cover letter are not sabotaging your job search.

Q: How do I find a job in my field?

Search online using the most descriptive terms and keywords about the job title, industry and location that you are interested in. Then, one by one, visit those job sites. For example, may offer you a plethora of job postings in your search result. Read through each job description carefully and only apply to those that match your skill level, qualifications and experience. If provided, you can also select possible job postings that match your salary requirements.

Q: How should you use social sites like LinkedIn and Facebook to land a job?

When using social media sites such as Linkedin and Facebook to find new job opportunities, be sure to keep your social media profiles up to date. Take the time to polish up your profile so it’s presentable to potential employers. Through those sites, you can also expand your social network by following companies in your industry and connecting with other professionals in your field of interest. On LinkedIn, you can instantly build up your network to increase your exposure and additional to other connections. It’s also advisable to connect with alumni from your college or university to search for past alumni currently employed at companies you’re interested in. Join professional groups (both online and offline) so you can maintain connections.


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