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“Now, do you have any questions for me?” If hearing that line has struck fear in your heart, you have likely been at an interview where that tricky question was asked. There are certain questions you should ask at an interview, but it is difficult to keep them in mind when you are on the spot. Read this list of top job interview questions to ask potential employers and commit them to memory. Then, when the time comes, you will impress hiring managers with your preparation.

What Skills or Experience Does Your Ideal Candidate Possess?

This shows employers you are interested in succeeding and not just landing the job. When you know how to be a better employee by pursuing skills and experience that are relevant, you will be an asset to the team and employers know this.

How Did You Come to Work Here and Do You Like It?

Asking personal questions helps you develop a rapport with your interviewer while learning valuable information about the company at the same time. This can help you evaluate what the company’s strengths are with regard to its employee culture.

Do You Have a Written Policy for Promotions and Advancement?

Putting your ambitions out there in the beginning shows employers you are highly motivated for success and ready to know what it takes to make it in their company. Job interview questions like these can also help you determine whether the job has the potential for upward mobility.

What Can You Tell Me About the People I Will Be Working With?

By phrasing the question this way, you tell your employer you fully expect to be hired. Team players want to know about their team so they can better work together. You might also learn whether you’ll get along with the team and determine if it’s the right fit for you.

What Is Your (or the Company’s) Vision for the Future?

Depending on who is interviewing you, ask them directly or for the company’s general vision of where they plan to go, what goals they have and what growth they expect in the near and more distant future.

Tell Me About Your All-Time Best Employee and What You Liked About Them.

Again, you are showing your desire to succeed and be an asset to the company. Learning what your potential manager appreciates in an employee right away will help you perform to their standards when you do take the job.

What Do You Like Most and Least About Working Here?

This is another personal question that establishes a connection and helps you understand the working environment. This can lead to more questions, depending on how your interviewer answers, so be prepared to follow up with specifics.

What Can You Tell Me About the Person Who Did This Job Before Me?

Answers to this question can give you a lot of information about the job atmosphere. Did the previous employer quit or get fired? Pay close attention to the answer you receive because there are likely a lot of little clues included.

Where Do You Expect Me to Be in This Position Over the Next Months and Year?

Show employers you are forward thinking and ready to get on board with their game plan. This allows your interviewer to probe your ambitions and goals a little further while showing your determination to stay and succeed. Knowing the right job interview questions to ask will do more than help you gather information; it shows employers more about you than they would get with their own questions and it helps establish a connection between you and the person interviewing you. Save these questions and create your own so you can be prepared on your next interview.

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