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Frequently Asked Interview Questions All Teacher Should Know

Here is ResumeHelp’s list of the ten most commonly asked teacher interview questions that teachers should prepare for ahead of their interview, plus more tips!

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By Donna Wright 3 minute read

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Teacher Interview Questions

Teaching is a gratifying profession in many aspects. Teachers play a crucial role in shaping tomorrow’s leaders and workforce by teaching their students how to learn, grow and interact with the world around them. In addition, successful teachers motivate students to be the best versions of themselves by equipping them with the knowledge and tools they need to succeed.

Naturally, teachers are constantly striving to learn and improve themselves to be better teachers. Therefore, they adapt and learn how to effectively carry out their lesson plans in a manner that relates and resonates with their students.

They have things they need to learn, as well, if they want to land their dream teaching job or advance their career path. For example, they need to learn how to best answer interview questions in ways that will impress principals and hiring managers at the schools they have their sights on.

Teacher interview questions can be quite different from the typical types of questions commonly asked in interviews in other fields. In this article, we’ll walk you through some valuable interview tips on best preparing for a teacher interview.

We’ll also cover ten of the most common teacher interview questions every teacher should prepare for. We’ll also go over the teaching interview questions that teachers should prepare to ask during their job interviews in order to learn more about the schools and the positions they’re applying to.

Principals often interview multiple candidates before deciding on which teacher to extend a teaching position to at their school. Therefore, what can set you apart from other teachers applying for the same job position is to provide excellent answers and ask great questions during your interview.

How to Prepare for a Teacher Interview

As you start applying to teaching positions at the schools and institutions you have your sights on, preparing for your interview is crucial if you want to make it to your dream job. The interview provides an excellent opportunity to expand on your teaching skills and qualifications and showcase why you’re an effective teacher and the best candidate for the position.

Here are some ways you can effectively prepare for your interview so that you can present yourself as the teacher every school wants to hire:

  • Know your resume inside and out.
  • Study the job post to understand the job description fully so you can tailor the skills and qualifications you possess to it.
  • Research the school. Showcase your research competency by learning everything there is to know about the school.
  • Go to the school ahead of the interview and talk to the teachers. This will provide you with insider knowledge of the school’s teaching methods, extracurricular activities, teaching philosophy, school culture, students’ lives and more.
  • Learn about the school’s challenges and use specific examples of how you solved similar challenges at your previous teaching jobs.
  • Gather materials for your portfolio, such as praxis scores, lesson plans and transcripts, to showcase your achievements.
  • Practice mock interviews using your interview and commonly asked teacher interview questions.
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Top Ten Most Commonly Asked Teacher Interview Questions

Regardless of the questions asked during your interview, you should always remain professional and passionate when answering them. Reviewing commonly asked teacher interview questions allows you to effectively prepare answers that best showcase your greatest strengths as a school teacher.

Here are ten of the most commonly asked teacher interview questions for you to prepare sample answers to:

  1. What made you become a teacher and work with children?
  2. What’s your teaching style and philosophy?
  3. How do you motivate your students?
  4. How do you handle problematic students?
  5. How do you communicate and build relationships with parents?
  6. Can you walk me through a typical lesson?
  7. Why do you want to work for this school district?
  8. How much do you like to learn about students in order to help them?
  9. What is most frustrating about teaching?
  10. How do you evaluate your students?

What Are Some Good Questions to Ask During a Teacher Interview?

A teacher interview isn’t only about answering the questions you’re asked in the best way possible. You also need to come to the interview prepared with well-thought-out questions to ask the principal.

Preparing a short list of meaningful questions to ask the principal shows you’re a motivating, passionate and well-prepared teacher – all things that the principal or hiring manager is looking for. It also allows you to learn more about the school’s mission statement, teaching position and resources available to new teachers.

Below are some of the best questions you can ask during your interview:

  • What’s a great reason for working at this school?
  • Are there any leadership opportunities available?
  • What’s the student-to-teacher ratio in a typical classroom?
  • What types of structure does the school have for struggling students?
  • What role do teachers play at your school in adjusting lesson plans?
  • What is the teacher evaluation process like at your school?
  • What resources does your school offer to help teachers?
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FAQ: Teacher Interview Questions

Have questions? We’re here to help.

Your teacher resume should:

  • Highlight your education and credentials.
  • Showcase your teaching skills.
  • List all relevant past experience, qualifications and certifications.
  • Highlight your accomplishments as a teacher and not just job duties.

The best format for your teacher resume largely depends on your level of experience:

  • Choose the chronological format if you have plenty of teaching experience.
  • Choose the functional format if you are a new teacher with limited experience.
  • Choose the hybrid option if you want a balance of both.

Things you should avoid during a teacher interview include:

  • Avoid wearing inappropriate clothing. 
  • Avoid rambling, be concise. 
  • Avoid coming to the interview with a sour and unenthusiastic attitude. 
  • Avoid not having any questions prepared for the interview. 
  • Avoid showing any failure to grow and learn as a teacher.

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