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Five Resume Trends to Apply to Your Next Resume

As the job market changes, so do resume trends. What hasn’t changed is the importance of a well-written resume that is up to date. Of course, not all trends are worth getting behind. Here are five major resume trends that you should be paying attention to right now.

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By Ho Lin 4 minute read

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Common Resume Format

No matter what resume trends come and go, there are certain sections that every resume should have. A basic understanding of the key components of a resume will help you to implement resume trends effectively without compromising the functionality and the readability of your resume. These are the five sections that should be in every effective resume:


First, there should be a resume header. This should contain your full name, phone number, secondary contact information, and links to professional social media (for example, your LinkedIn profile).

Resume summary or objective

Next, you should include either a resume summary or an objective statement. A resume summary should lay out the skills and achievements that make you best for a particular job posting and is best for experienced job seekers. An objective statement, by contrast, should be a statement of your career goals and intentions. 


A skills section should contain eight to 30 bullet points detailing the skill set that makes you right for the job description you have applied for. This includes hard skills such as programming and soft skills like communication skills.

Work experience

The work history sections should include up to the last ten years of professional experience, listed in reverse-chronological order. A well-crafted work history section will show employers how your skills result in positive accomplishments.


The education section of a resume is especially important for those who have little work experience. By showing that you have the training or academic qualifications to do a job, you will increase your chances of success.

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Ho Lin Profile

Ho Lin is a Certified Professional Resume Writer (CPRW) and editor with two decades of experience in content strategy, creation, and development. He holds a Master’s degree in Creative Writing from Johns Hopkins University and his background includes experience aiding military veterans as they transition to civilian careers.

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