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Administrative Assistant Cover Letter Examples That Get Noticed

Use your skills and experience to create an administrative assistant cover letter that catches the attention of recruiters, hiring managers and employers.

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Administrative assistant cover letter example

Administrative Assistant Cover Letter Example

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Optimize your administrative assistant cover letter with ResumeHelp

Administrative assistant jobs are vital to workplace efficiency and organization. As such, an administrative assistant is required to exhibit a great amount of organization and collaborative skills to excel.

Cover letters are an essential part of the job application. Fortunately, ResumeHelp can give you a head start on your best cover letter for an administrative assistant position, or perfect the one you already have!

What is an administrative assistant cover letter?

In general, cover letters are one-page documents that allow you to speak to your own capabilities as an employee outside of your resume. Cover letters are very common in entry-level positions to provide your recruiters with a more holistic view of who you are as an employee. What makes a cover letter different is that it helps you speak directly to your recruiter and state why you would be such an asset to the team, even prior to any interviews.

Administrative assistant cover letters follow the standard professional cover letter template. What makes an administrative assistant cover letter different from your standard cover letter is that you must address relevant work experiences and qualities that your hiring manager is likely to be looking for.

Administrative assistant cover letter sample

The following is an example of an administrative assistant cover letter. Use our Cover Letter Builder to help you get a head start on your perfect cover letter!

Jane Doe
123 Maple Street
San Francisco, CA 12345
(123) 456-7890

Admin Hiring Manager
456 Office Environment
Los Angeles, CA 12345
(456) 789-0123

Dear Mr./Mrs. [Last Name]:

As a longtime admirer of [Company], I was excited to see your administrative assistant job opening. As a [Job Title] professional with over [number] years of experience, I know that my extensive experience in administration will contribute to your company’s position as an industry leader. I welcome the opportunity to watch [Company] grow.

I have successfully progressed throughout my career, swiftly moving from a Client Service Representative into a Supervisory position at [Previous Company]. It was there that I mastered my skills in [enter relevant skills]. In my recent position as [Job], I had the opportunity to develop the skills necessary to excel as an administrative assistant. As a [Job], I was able to [quantify several duties and responsibilities at this job]. I am known for my skills in [enter relevant skill set].

I am confident that my skills are a great match for your team in the administrative assistant position. I have attached my resume for reference. I look forward to continuing this discussion with you soon. Thank you for your time and consideration.

[Full Printed Name]

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Administrative assistant cover letter format

There are four important elements to include in your administrative assistant cover letter:


Contact information

Your contact information section should start with your own: your full name, address, phone number, email address, and relevant online professional portfolio links, such as LinkedIn. You should then follow it up with your hiring manager’s contact information, which should include similar items: their name, company name and address, and the company phone number. If you do not know the recruiter’s name, then you can omit this.



Since you are applying to a professional position, you want to keep your greeting professional as well. A simple “Dear Mr./Mrs.” will suffice. If you do not know your hiring manager’s name, try to research the person you will be speaking to.



The body of your cover letter should consist of three concise paragraphs. Your first paragraph should state your career purpose straight away, and make it clear why you want this job. Your first paragraph is key in grabbing your recruiter’s attention and where you sell your enthusiasm and passion for the position.

Your second paragraph is the bulk of your administrative assistant cover letter. In this section, you want to make sure that you are emphasizing that you have the skill set that matches the requirements outlined in the job posting. Bring up specific achievements and experiences to show how you can be beneficial to the team.

The final paragraph is your “call to action”. This is similar to a summary paragraph, where you sum up all your strengths and your enthusiasm for the job, but most important of all, urge your recruiter to take the next step. State that you are excited to take this discussion to the next step at their earliest convenience, either through a phone call, email, or job interview.



Much like your greeting, your sign-off should be short and sweet. “Sincerely” and “Thank you” are some great examples.

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More cover letter and resume resources

Find everything you need to create a professional cover letter and resume that’s eye-catching.

FAQ: Administrative cover letter

Have questions? We’re here to help.

The skills you should include should match that in the job description. Think of skills that would likely be listed in the job requirements. Be more specific than just listing “administrative skills.” Some of the most common relevant skills for administrative assistant cover letters are:

Resumes give recruiters more of an overview of your previous experiences and other accomplishments. Cover letters are different in that they allow you to speak directly to your job recruiters and highlight the most essential experiences and skills that you have developed that will help you stand out from other competitors. In short, it is a way to pitch to your recruiters why you should be hired.

ResumeHelp has loads of cover letter samples and cover letter tips to help you get started on your own.

Cover letters should never be more than a page long. This should include all of your contact information as well as your body paragraphs, so make sure that you keep your cover letter concise and to the point.

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