Free Construction Cover Letter Examples for 2024

A professional cover letter sets you apart. Use this useful guide to write the perfect construction manager cover letter to land your dream job in construction.

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Construction cover letter and writing tips

Writing a professional cover letter is a must-have to accompany your attached resume within a job application. For a construction manager role, a well-written cover letter will help flesh out your experience and skillset to show you are suitable for those managerial responsibilities on site.

When writing a cover letter for a role within the construction industry, make sure to reference the specific job description. It is always important to show the recruiter that you are aware of the key responsibilities and address these in your cover letter.

If you are ready to apply for a construction manager position, then write your resume first with ResumeHelp’s Resume Builder. Then use your resume as the basis for your cover letter.

This guide will show you:

  • Why the cover letter is so important to the job application process
  • Simple steps to write your own construction manager cover letter in just minutes
  • A construction manager cover letter example that you can use

Free construction manager cover letter example

This construction cover letter sample can be used as a template for your own cover letter.

[Header: see below]

[Today’s Date]
[XYZ Company Address]
[Phone Number]

Dear (Mr./Mrs./Ms. [Smith]),

I am excited by the opportunity to apply for the position of Construction Manager with [company name]. I have a proven track record of managing construction projects that are completed on time and within prescribed budgets. I have several years of experience and I am looking for an opportunity to build on this with a growing construction company.

With my bachelor’s degree in Construction Management, I have brought my knowledge and expertise to many construction sites. As a project manager, I have demonstrated the following skills on-site:

  • [List skills outlined within the job description that you have]
  • Knowledge of building regulations
  • Budgeting and cost control
  • Understanding of technical drawings
  • Excellent team leader with strong people management skills

Based on my knowledge of the industry and my previous work experience, I know that I would be a great addition to your company and suitable for the role advertised.

I’m looking forward to furthering my skills as a construction manager at [company name]. Thank you for your time and consideration. I would love the opportunity to discuss the position further in an interview or phone call.


[Your name]

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Tips for writing your construction cover letter 

Make sure to write a new cover letter for each new job application. It’s imperative to create a new cover letter for each construction job you apply to. Recruiters want to see that job seekers have paid attention to the job post. You should do this in your cover letter by referencing keywords and specific experience needed. For example, if they require significant knowledge of subcontractors or experience with electricians, then you should acknowledge this if you can through your previous roles. Use our Cover Letter Builder to create a professional cover letter in just a few minutes.


Use your introduction to highlight your achievements.

Start by clearly establishing why you are a great candidate for the role. Provide some extra detail on any specialties that you have outlined in your resume. It needs to be short and concise, so consider using bullet points to make statements of resume skills more impactful.


Tell the hiring manager you’re the best fit for the role.

Closely linked to the previous section, you need to clearly draw a line between you and the role advertised. Specifically, state why you will be a great fit in their company because of what you can bring. Here is where you can reference the job description by saying a skill you have will directly help with the specific job duties. For instance, “my experience with cost control at [previous company] will help keep your projects on budget.”


Close with a call to action.

Always encourage a response from the hiring manager, whether that be a request for an interview or follow-up phone call or just a phrase of gratitude for their time and consideration.


Include your contact information in the header of your cover letter.

Presenting your contact information in the header of your cover letter is a must. This ensures the hiring manager can easily contact you. In your header, include the following information:

  • Full name
  • Phone number
  • Address
  • Email address
  • Professional profile or portfolio links, such as your LinkedIn profile
For more cover letter help, check our How to Write a Cover Letter article.

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FAQ: Construction cover letter examples

Have questions? We’re here to help.

Yes, it is vital to include a cover letter to get a construction manager job. This allows you to customize the details to align your experience and skills with the job description. It will help the hiring manager to see why you are the perfect candidate for the role. It also gives you an opportunity to fill in the gaps in your construction worker resume.

Your construction manager cover letter should always be around 3/4 of a page. That would make it around 300-400 words. Remember, your cover letter is still just the highlights of your career – you will get an opportunity to elaborate at the interview stage. If you’re struggling to keep it short, then use bullet points where possible.

Yes, even if you’re an entry-level candidate, you can still use this example. Your highlights will just be slightly different; emphasize skills you have, your high scores during training, or your passion for the industry in some other way. 

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