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Use this guide to help you write a perfect cover letter that is professional and meets the requirements of a veterinary job.


Cover Letter Example
Cover Letter Example
Cover Letter Example

Veterinary Cover Letter Example

If you are looking to pursue a veterinary career, you will likely be getting ready to commence your job search. You may have spent a long time perfecting your veterinarian resume. However, don’t miss out on an opportunity to connect with hiring managers by neglecting an accompanying cover letter.

It is best to always include a cover letter that lets your recruiter know who you are in a more in-depth way while still remaining professional. In this guide, we will show you how to create a cover letter showcasing your skills and experiences that will get you closer to landing a veterinarian position.


Veterinary Cover Letter Example

To make this process even easier, we will show you a veterinary cover letter example you can use for reference when you write yours – think of this example as a basic outline upon which you can base your own letter. Should you ever need to see cover letter examples for other occupations, ResumeHelp has a wide variety to choose from! You can also browse through our resume examples to inspire you when creating your next resume.   
Here is a veterinarian cover letter example:   
Dear Mr. Watson,   
I was excited to see the job posting for the veterinary assistant position at Company Name. Having recently graduated as a doctor of veterinary medicine, I have the skill set and knowledge to succeed in this role.   
During my time at college, I completed training and in-house experience, which saw me provide high-quality animal care while forming relationships with pet owners to ensure they felt comfortable leaving their animals at the animal hospital. My responsibilities at the hospital included duties from providing preventative care to distributing vaccinations.   
I want to thank you for taking the time to consider my application. I look forward to discussing this position further and hearing from you.   
Kind regards, 
Sam Booth

Tips for Writing Your Veterinary Cover Letter Using This Example

This veterinarian cover letter sample outlines what you can include in your cover letter, but your experience and skills will likely be much more specific. Let’s walk through the sections of the cover letter to help you understand what you should include in each paragraph. 
At the top of the cover letter, include your contact information. You should add these details so the hiring manager can locate them quickly. Include your phone number, email and full name. 
You should also include a formal salutation directly to the hiring manager, using the person’s name if available. In this example, the applicant stated, “Dear Mr. Watson.”  
First paragraph: Introduce yourself with a hook and list your best achievements 
You can use the first paragraph to introduce yourself to the recruiter, directly giving them a summary of your professional experience and profile. It would be best if you aimed to have a sentence or two that quickly lets the hiring manager know the recent achievements that make you a good fit for the job. In this example, the applicant states, “Having recently graduated as a doctor of veterinary medicine, I have the skill set and knowledge to succeed in this role.”   
Second paragraph: Give more information about how you’re the best fit for the job 
Your second paragraph should be the most extensive section of your letter, containing the most important information about yourself and your experience. Explain how you meet the requirements by mentioning skills you have that the employer is looking for.   In this example, the applicant states, “My responsibilities at the hospital included duties from providing preventative care to distributing vaccinations.”   
Third paragraph: Call to action  
The final paragraph of your cover letter should give the recruiter an incentive to follow up on your application or offer you a job interview. Use an assertive phrase such as “I look forward to discussing this role with you.” This shows that you are confident while not being too abrupt.

FAQ: Veterinary Cover Letters

Q: Do I really need a cover letter to get a veterinary job?

You should always include a cover letter in your job application to give yourself the best chance of impressing the hiring manager and being offered a job interview. To create a cover letter that is professional and well structured, using a cover letter builder is advised.

Q: How long should my cover letter be to get a veterinary job?

The ideal length of a cover letter is three-quarters of a page and should never be longer than one page in length. Include enough information in each section to address the requirements of the job, while keeping your points short and snappy – this will help you keep your cover letter the right length.

Q: Does this cover letter example work if I don’t have a lot of experience?

In the cover letter example above, the candidate’s primary experience was based on their education. If you have more education or volunteer experience than professional experience, hone in on that, and give more details about how the skills and training you already have readied you for the position.


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