Free Law Firm Cover Letter Example & Writing Tips

To be part of a law firm, you should have a great understanding of the legal process and the strengths you can contribute on the job. How can you show that in a cover letter?

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Law firm cover letter

When you’re applying to work at a law firm, there are a wide variety of skills and talents you need to display in your job application. Even after going to law school, you still need to show the law firm that you know how to work in your specialized practice area (such as criminal defense or environmental law), and that you’re the right person for the legal job you’re applying to. Here’s what you need to know about creating a cover letter for a legal profession.

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Free law firm cover letter sample

What should your cover letter look like? Here’s a sample cover letter you can use to showcase your legal skills.

Dear Ms. Smith,

My interest in a legal career began when I first started watching Judge Judy reruns as a child. Though I would eventually learn that Judge Judy wasn’t exactly legal research, it was what made me want to pursue a legal practice in the field of public interest. Today, that journey has brought me to applying for the legal associate position at Company Name.

My research skills are some of my best skills, and I pride myself on being able to find unique information, gather witnesses for trial preparation, and use my communication skills to interest people in testifying. Additionally, I do advocacy work for public service lawyers in a general context and still manage a heavy caseload. I believe in having solidarity with other legal professionals, and I want to know they have my back as well.

A strong work ethic and a desire to help people has led me to my current position, and I hope to bring that same drive to your legal firm. I look forward to sitting down with you as soon as possible to discuss how my work experience can benefit your law firm.

Misty Harris

Tips for writing your law firm cover letter

Before you start writing the cover letter, you first need to create the heading and salutation. Include your full name and your contact information, including your phone number and your LinkedIn profile link (if you have one). Start the cover letter with the hiring manager’s name, not a generic term like “To Whom It May Concern.”

Then, you can move on to talking more about your achievements.


First paragraph: Introduce yourself with a hook and list your best achievements

Your opening paragraph needs to have a great hook. This letter opens with the applicant discussing that because she watched Judge Judy as a child, she became interested in becoming a law student. This hook makes it more likely that the hiring manager will keep reading, and gives some insight to the applicant’s character. The opening paragraph also ends with a reference to the job posting that the applicant is applying to.


Second paragraph: Provide more information about how you’re the best fit for the job

Now that you have the recruiter’s attention, load this second paragraph with information about how you perfectly fit the job description. In this paragraph, the applicant mentions her research skills, ability to gather witnesses, advocacy work, and ability to manage a large caseload. If you have any extra information or key talents that you want to include, put them underneath this second paragraph in bullet points.


Third paragraph: Call to action

Now that you’ve gotten all the way through the letter, you want to ask for the interview in the closing paragraph. The wording of “I look forward to sitting down with you” encourages the hiring manager to call you back. Additionally, the closing paragraph mentions how the applicant can benefit the firm once again, citing a strong work ethic and a love for helping people.

For more cover letter writing tips, check our How to Write a Cover Letter article.

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FAQ: Law firm cover letter example

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Yes. A cover letter with these sections puts you ahead of many other job seekers who might not think about including a cover letter. Many applicants don’t write a cover letter because they’re concerned about their writing skills. If this sounds like you, just use the ResumeHelp cover letter builder. No matter what your skills or knowledge, this cover letter builder helps you create a great cover letter.

Your cover letter should be between half a page and 3/4 of a page in general. Shorter than half a page, and your cover letter looks like it doesn’t have quite enough content. Longer than 3/4 of a page, and it’s less likely that a hiring manager will want to read the whole thing.

You need experience to get a law firm position. However, whether you’re a first-year student looking to be a part-time paralegal or you’re a law school graduate looking for a full-time career, you have relevant experience in the legal field. You just need to showcase that experience appropriately. Include internship experience, academic experience, and volunteer work to show off your skills.

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